Tuesday, May 18, 2010
This is what Xian dug up in the middle of her room and brought to school today.

I'm back from my break from blogging! Been busy (and lazy) recently that I haven't been updating regularly (or even at all). Our mid-years are just over and I'm real glad that i exceeded my expectations for English, however, I pretty much expect that I'd be screwed for my rest of my papers. (Oh well)

Baby bought me a bodycon from Miss Selfridge for our 14th month, and I got him Gilette Fusion Power Phantom.

Baby got me the black one and Charmaine and Lx (And Leonard) accompanied me to go to Paragon to get the nude pink one today. The cutting's smaller for these bodycons than conventional ones so i got them a size bigger than I am but I've always had this self esteem thing. Seeing the size 8 there makes me feel like I've gotten fatter (I'm normally a 4/6).
I think I'm suffering from some sort of inferiority complex. Its like, when someone says I'm pretty, I'll always think there's someone prettier. Same goes for any other compliment and what not, because to me there's always someone out there better.
I gotta stop doing that.

I haven't been blogging for so long that i kinda forgot how to. I always wonder how ironic it is since I can always converse properly but when it comes down to penning down what i want to say, or want to express, that is always many times harder.

I've also been such a big spender lately and I don't know how to restrain myself from buying stuffs!I think I spent like $300 or $400 in 3 or 4 weeks! Budget month next month i guess :/


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