Monday, July 12, 2010
Not much inspiration to blog lately therefore my blog's been quite dead. Took part in Reebonz's 99% sale and boy was it horrendous! It started nearly an hour late and throughout that whole hour the website was having technical difficulties. Server reconnection, inability to check out and shopping cart malfunctions were some to began with. After 2 hours of nearly non-stop clicking, Reebonz decided to close down their website because they couldn't diagnose the problem. ):. Really wanted my Marc By Marc Jacobs Stamped Twill and Ribbons Patent Duffel Bag ):. Oh well, hope they hurry up with the maintenance


  1. Oh dear. I must have been fighting the duffel bag over with you then. Aha. Yeap, Reebonz was a real dosappoinment though. Ah well.

  2. @Marion
    Hahah seriously? I got to the page after clicking check out but i couldn't place my order >:


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