Monday, August 2, 2010
Tried sort of a toned down Gyaru look. The light pink blush can't be seen though :/.

My braces have been killing me recently. It hurts so bad after the tightening that I've been having trouble eating for days. Its a complete torture for a foodie like me! Well, I can take the chance to lose some weight but for once i actually wanna GAIN SOME WEIGHT! I mean, I'm sick of being a washing board. There are so many things that i can't wear right now! Even at my size now, there are many times when I can't fit into free-sized or UK6 clothing and even more, I feel so flat and inferior when i see busty girls out there...... ):

I've written the review and entered "CLEO's next top blogger". Don't get me wrong, I'm not joining it to get more popularity for my blog but I really love love love L'oreal products and I wanna get free makeup every month. I'm such a cheapo lololol.

And with regards to my recent rant tweets, I'm really pissed off by people without a single original bone in their body. You take something from elsewhere, you credit it. Its so infuriating to see people plagiarize off your blog without a single mention of any credits. And when you see them trying to copy some other people..... It disgusts me.

Well, back to school tomorrow to flunk the prelims, xoxo.


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