Sunday, August 8, 2010
Its only a week till photo-taking for graduation and I've not yet get my white dress. I mean, why did the school make us have to wear WHITE dresses? We would be able to get nice dresses in other colours way easier; and besides, white makes us look bigger/fatter than we actually are. Clearly, that wasn't thought about.

Gonna go shopping for my white dress and heels for photo-taking next week. Busy week coming up for me.
Wednesday: Math prelims, then rushing home to change and get prepared for briefing at ACP magazine's office (y'all will know why sometime later.. [: )
Thursday: Sister's dinner for my cousin's wedding.

Then the days left for me to shop for the dress/heels are..
Monday (which is impossible cause there'll be so many people out since it's a public holiday),
Tuesday (SHOULD study for Math paper),
Wednesday (Would be tired after math paper and the 1~2 hour briefing),
Thursday afternoon and
Then on Saturday it's picture-taking time! FML ):

What if I'm not able to find the perfect dress + shoes?!

I've not gotten used to being so busy so I hope everything will fall into place. Wish me luck for the week, I'll need it.

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