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Friday, August 27, 2010
Ahhhh finally back on my blog. Have been really busy lately and photobucket was down so i couldn't get any blogging done properly. Now that Photobucket's back up, Its time for me to return to blogging!

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Time to back track.
*Photo heavy post as this is a collaboration of many overdue posts. I've collage-d the pictures for easier viewing! (So sweet right)

Din din at Central with Bibi and Family.

Speed blogging style adapted from Sharlyn
Can't remember the exact names of the food
1: Butter Scallops
2: Vongole Pasta with Wafu Sauce
3: Soup pasta: Mushrooms and Scallops
4: Baked Macaroni
5: Salad
6: Corn chowder

Following that we went to the newly opened Marble Slab Creamery. The name says it all.

Earlier that day B and I were at Parkway and I bought this cute max Rilakkuma pouch. Last one there!! Happygirl101 (:.

Topshop Hauls

Knee high leggings.

This one's a present from B. Love it to the max. It's soooo damn cute.

To remind all the girls out there what L'oreal reminded me..

Movies at the Park

This picture is credited to Sharlyn/Angela

What Sharlyn helped B buy from the airport..


Monthsary date with B.
Sakae buffet ^^. No pictures of the food though, too lazy.

Abrupt end of post with a narcissistic picture taken quite awhile back.


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