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Monday, June 13, 2011
A few days back, Spa Esprit held a Power of Scent workshop at Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey and I was one of the lucky bloggers to be invited by Pearlin via Domo.

I was supposed to meet Domo and Adeline at Ion for lunch before we headed over to Dempsey. But due to unforeseen circumstances, Adeline could only meet us there at Dempsey.

While we were at Ion, my wedges spoiled -.-. The wedge separated from the shoe, and i went into Mitju to buy another pair :D.

We got to Beauty Emporium via cab cause we missed the timings for the shuttle bus.

All the bottles of essential oils on display at the front of the store.

See the bottle of "Rose" over there? We were told it cost $300 a bottle!! Such an expensive scent. A good dupe (and cheaper alternative) that has the nearest scent to Rose would be Geranium.

As the workshop started, we were given a presentation of on essential oils, and press releases to give us more information on essential oils.

The essential oils we were introduced to in this workshop are from doTERRA, which is a company based in USA.

Here are some extracts of information we learned about essential oils:
  • Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants and obtained via steam distill or cold pressed extraction. They provide you with powerful, safe benefits (minus the side effects, and essential oils that are not pure may very likely harm your system) and are 50 to 7o times more powerful than herbs. (One drop of peppermint essential oil - which is good for stomachache, IBS, nausea, gastritis, to name a few- is = 28 cups of peppermint tea!!)
  • They can kill bacteria and viruses. Antibiotics do not kill viruses, but essential oils can becuase antibiotics cannot penetrate cell membrane but essential oils can.
  • Essential oils are not only for aromatic uses (which you use for aromatherapy) but can use used topically (on the skin directly, or diluted) and internally (consume with medium like water, or in an empty capsule.)
  • The highest production of essential oils now are in the perfume industry, which are the lowest grade of essential oils as they are chemically produced to ensure the scent is consistent (note: essential oils of different batches might have slightly different scents and appearance because they are 100% pure from the plant, and you won't get batches that are 100% alike). Following that is essential oils found in food, which are the types we get in chewing gums and all.
  • Therapeutic essential oils (the type that has health benefits) only takes up 2% of the entire essential all production in the world. They are the companies that try to produce excellent quality oil. However, even though they are supposed to be pure, more often than not, they are always not to be ingested. Therefore, CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) was set up for a quality mark in accurate labeling. These are the essential oils that are 100% from the plant, and can be ingested. (This is the category doTERRA's essential oils are in.)
  • doTERRA's essential oils are A GRADE ABOVE ORGANIC.

As you can clearly see :
CPTG grade, and dilute one drop in 4 ounces. (I myself have tried drinking the peppermint tea, which was made from tea added with peppermint oil, AND IT TASTED GREAT.)

I'm thinking of getting Deep Blue for my and B's grandmother. It's good for rheumatism, which makes it great for the eldery ask it keeps raining recently! The only down side is that it is quite costly (about $40+ for 250 drops [1 bottle]?)

I really enjoyed the workshop because i found out a lot about essential oils i never knew! Some of which, i will share with all of you throughout the post.

If i remembered correctly, we were told there were over 400 different scents of essential oils available!

Even ones to help with.....


As the presentation ended, and before we got on to the hands-on section of the workshop, we got served refreshments (and the peppermint tea)! For those who like adding a slice of lemon into your water, the lemon essential oil works similarly too!

*skip this chunk if you're hungry*

Hands-on segment:

And our little cheat chit

Showing us the different scents, and what notes they are. (Like making perfume, a well rounded scent will consist of a top note, middle note, and base note.)

Groups that overlay each other will tend to smell better together, so we all used them as our guide.

The final product, and then poured into bottles :D. My scent has a topnote of grapefruit, middle of lavender, and base of ylang ylang.

Us with our new "babies" hahahaha.

Oh yes, Sharon (whom i met from CLEO's next top beauty blogger) was there too! She even gave us a lift back to Orchard because she drove to the event!

More about the goodie bags in the next post cause this post is getting wayyyyy too long hahaha. Stay tuned xoxo muah.

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