August Favourites

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Hey guys! From now, I'll try to do a monthly favourite post each month (well, duh) to let y'all know what my favourite product(s) of the month were/are. Since I'm more of a skincare junkie than makeup, most of the products will actually be skincare products instead ^^.
So here's the very first monthly favourite post!

I won't be giving ratings for the products, since they obviously have to work pretty well in order to make it to my favourites (considering the huge amount of skincare products/make up i have).

First up is something that I'm really obsessed with!!
Sigma's Cleansing and Polishing Tool

Comes in a really nice case!

Looks like a dupe for Clarisonic's right??
Initially, when the product first launched, I was kinda skeptical about purchasing it since i wasn't so sure of how effective it was. However, after a couple of months, I went back to Sigma's website to look at the product again and saw many positive reviews on it! I got really tempted to buy it and when i did, i was really glad that it reached me within 10 days (which was really quick for standard international shipping!). This cost me around SGD$65 with shipping fee (and 3 inter-changeable heads) - probably around a fraction of what the Clarisonic costs?

The 3 heads are soft (pink attachment for daily cleansing and polishing), pink and white (medium for occasional exfoliation) and the white one (hard for occasional exfoliation to reveal new skin. I also find that it works well for exfoliating the body)
Really love the look of this more than the Clarisonic as it's pink and white which is super cute. However, this does differ from the Clarisonic as it rotates instead of vibration. However, this makes it work a better tool for exfoliation.
One of the thing that i dislike is that it does spray a little of water while cleansing, but that's not a problem for me. Another is that it only has one button, and pressing the button once will on the device. Pressing it afterward will switch it to the high speed mode, and you'll have to press it another time to off the device.
Now I'm using it daily and my skin has never felt smoother! My skincare products and makeup also adhere to my skin alot better than it did before. The brush was a little abrasive on my skin the first couple of washes, but now it's not affecting me at all ^^.

Detclear's Fruits Peeling Jelly (Mixed Berries)

Tsuriki posted a picture of this on her facebook page once previously, and I saw that she replied someone's enquiries on it and thought that it seemed like a pretty good product. Then when i was browsing Sasa (to look for the SHA lotion), i saw this. I tried it and i really liked it, so i bought it! IMO, it works better than Cure because of the added properties (maybe i'll review it some other day). However, the price is really similar because this bottle is 1/2 the size of Cure's, and it costs $21.90. There was actually another scent, Mixed Fruits, (the one the tsuriki got), but i felt that both smelled really similar, so i went with the bimbotic choice and bought the pink bottle.
As compared to Cure, this has a nicer scent, cuter packaging, the after-feel feels better, and i think it works better.

Hada Labo's SHA Hydrating Face Wash

I was shopping at Watsons and decided to bought this after calling TBTS (for another thing) and asked her about it. She told me that she doesn't use it, but she knows that Tsuriki loves it! Tsuriki has really great skin, so i thought "why not give it a try?". I did, and now i know why Tsuriki loves it! It cleanses deeply, but does not dry out your skin. In fact, my skin felt alot more hydrated after using this because it usually is quite dehydrated, considering the fact that i don't drink a lot of water.

Hada Labo's SHA Lotion

This was the reason why i went to Watsons. I had redeemed a sample of the SHA lotion from Hada Labo's facebook page and was totally in love with it. It's texture is really light, and it hydrates my skin really well. Since only a few drops is needed at a time, this bottle can last really long! I haven't even used past 1cm of the bottle. (One bottle is sold every 4 seconds in Japan!)

Vichy's Thermal Spa Water

After trying it during Vichy's Thermal Spa Workshop, I went to buy 4 big bottles of it (2 promotional packs) and am now using it everyday. I use it after cleansing to remove any cleanser/make up residue. I use it on a warm day when I'm out. I use it to set my make up, and make DIY cotton masks for an instant glow. This spray is really versatile, and handy to have around.

Naruko's Apple Seed & T-Acid Soothing White Serum

I've reviewed it and mentioned why i love this product before, so i don't think there's a need to further repeat why (:.

Maybelline's Baby Lips in Soothing Cherry

I love love love this lipbalm. It moisturizes really well (it's still on in the morning even when i applied it the night before!) and i really love this scent.
Tip for exfoliating the lips : Apply a thick layer (or many layers) of the lipbalm at night, and when you wake up in the morning, gently exfoliate with your toothbrush!

Naruko's Marjoram and Lavender Eye Cream

(review for this product will be up this month!) Being 1 of 4 Naruko products that won a title in Cozy Cot's Holy Grail Beauty Awards, the eye cream really works to counter dark eye circles and moisturize the eye area (the eye area does not have oil glands, and therefore is one of the most neglected area when doing your skincare. Since your eye area is really sensitive, you have to use specific products for it instead of just using your regular moisturizer). Stay tuned for my review on it!

That's about all for my August favourites! I hope you dears enjoyed the post!

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