Talika Cream Booster, Media Event

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
About two weeks ago, I attended a media event for Talika's new Cream Booster thanks to an invitation from Eileen.

Some background on Talika:
Since its creation in 1948, the TALIKA laboratories have been developing original and effective products that suit women's needs perfectly.

All started at the opthalmologic department of the famous Paris hospital "Hôpitaux de Paris". A young woman Doctor, named Danielle Roches, develops an anti-bacterial cream with plant extracts to help cure people suffering from face and eyes burns due to war casualties. The results of her cream are astonishing: the lashes of her patients regrow quickly and dramatically. This miracle discovery is the birth of Lipocils, universal "best seller", that has seduced and helped millions of women thanks to its efficiency.

Today, Talika proposes original and effective solutions to eye care, hand care and nail care concerns. All products are clinically tested, independently, by a team of dermatologists at hôpitaux Paris Pitié-Salpetrière.

Alexis de Brosses, President of Talika explains:
"My vision of our company and brand is to propose products that are developed with full respect to Nature and to our customers".
I have only one aim: make the women who use the Talika products happier and more serene in life."

My makeup for the day

Since I was unsure of where the place was, B brought me to the venue and i ended up arriving really early! (I was the very first there). Tbts also went (most pictures together are with her) but she went from school so we arrived separately.

The table was nicely set up and soon after i sat down, I was served a cup of tea.

Beautiful chandelier~

About an hour later, the presentation officially started!
The presenter, from France, Mr Francios Henri Jacques Laurent.

Inspired by Aerospace Research, Talika has discovered the way to increase the effectiveness of active ingredients contained in each of your daily skincare products. Three technologies are combined in a genuine ‘’magic wand’’ that optimizes the encounter between active ingredients and cells, thus increasing the effectiveness of the skincare products.




Resulting in:

More about the Cream Booster:

Battery Operated

Sensor controlled

The Cream Booster will be retailing at SGD$203. Imo, it's quite expensive, but if you're already spending quite a bit of money on skincare, this might be the boost you need for your skincare to work better.

Light refreshments after the presentation and Q&A session

Doorgift+press release (more on that in another post!)


  1. Hi Yijing!
    I am myself a bit into cosmetics (my interest is quite recent, and I know way less than you!), and I have to say that this product looks great. I've heard about Talika before, and they seem to have a good reputation. But this Cream Booster is really expensive! Have you heard of other instruments/products that have a similar function? Thank you very much for your answer and your blog!

  2. Hello yijing! May I know what's the makeup you use? Your skin looks so smooth here and your eyes even bigger than usual!xD

  3. @Nicola
    Sorry babe, so far i haven't heard of products like the cream booster. If you are already spending a large amount of money on luxury skincare products, i think this will be a good investment for you to get your money's worth for the products to reach their full potential. If not, i don't think there's a need yet to splurge on products of this sort (:.

    Hi babe, What i had on my skin was Maybelline's Mineral BB Cream in Light, and Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium. The powder really gives a nice finish. Maybe my skin got better cause the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing tool really worked wonders on my skin, haha. My eyes probably looked bigger due to the angle and fake lashes. I also wore more eyeliner that day (:.

  4. Thanks a lot for your reply! Wish you the best :)

  5. your photos make me crave for the cheese cake again ;-)

  6. @Cat
    Hahaha they were really good weren't they! I'm craving it too :P


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