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Tuesday, November 1, 2011
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Ever since i started using (and removing) makeup, one of my worst enemies were oil-based removers. I used them cause they were effective, but they ALWAYS left my face feeling oily even fter rinsing off and clog my pores! Sometimes, they don't even go away after i double cleanse, so it gets really bothersome.

So you must definitely be thinking, so why the hell am i still using oil-based removers right?
Ans: They are more effective in quickly removing waterproof makeup.

It's simple really: waterproof makeup are formulated to resist water, and therefore can't be removed by the water particles. (I know that there are now new formulas that removes with warm water, but they don't tend to stay on as well as compared to those that are fully waterproof. And the warm water doesn't ALWAYS remove as well either.) Whereas the waterproof makeup are soluable in oil-based removers.

Usually (or as far as i have seen) oil-based removers are for point removal (think eye&lip makeup remover) so they don't tend to be able to remove facial makeup as well as they do with eye and lip and they are usually separated into the oil and the solvent layers.

Hada Labo's Brand New Cleansing Oil is Formulated with high purity Olive Oil to help to gently remove dirt, oil and heavy makeup effortlessly. It is a 1-step makeup remover that can also remove tough, waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Contains Hada Labo's famous SHA!! 1g of it retains 12g of water!

Putting it to the test
Since i just celebrated halloween yesterday, i had an insane amount of eye makeup on me (by my standards, that is). However, I already know how well it does cleansing (i used this to remove my makeup too when i was trying out the looks previously) so this was a good chance for me to take pictures to show y'all.

Newly applied

Because we went to eat after trick-or-treating, I removed my lipstick before that so when i got home, this were the only makeup i had on left. (Wasn't wearing foundation yesterday at all)

1~2 pumps is sufficient for my whole face.

Unlike usual removers, you'll not need a cotton pad/wool for this. Simply dispense onto your palm and massage into your face.
Melting away the gel eyeliner!

Nearly done

All gone

And all this took less than..... 30 seconds!!

The only reason it didn't remove some makeup on my bottom lash line was because i had my eyes closed during the cleansing process. You can simply clean it off with a really small amount (like a light tap on the pump) by massaging it off while looking upwards.

Cleansing power: 5/5
This cleanses exceptionally well, i was amazed at how easily and quickly it removed my makeup!

Scent: 4.5/5
Hada Labo has never added any scents or fragrances into their products, but this is the natural scent of the olive oil. I don't really like the scent, but you won't be able to smell it while you're using it. It's only prominent if you sniff at it directly.

Price: 5/5
$20.90 for 200ml. This is really cheap and the product can last you for quite awhile. Students should really try it.

Ease of use: 5/5
Since this is a one step remover, i felt that it works really well especially on days when i'm really tired or my face is with heavy makeup. The only reason why it didn't a -0.5 was because even though it was unable to remove the makeup on my bottom lashes well, this product doesn't hurt or sting my eyes when in contact with my eyes!!

After-feel: 5/5
Just like some people, i would prefer to double cleanse after using my removers because they don't really give a clean after-feel. This doesn't give me a reason to want to double cleanse. It leaves my face feeling smooth and supple and fresh. This doesn't leave your face oily or sticky, and washes off completely with WATER (because its water-soluble) Uber loves.

Consistency: 4.5/5
The oil-y consistency doesn't both me, but some will still prefer not to use oil-based removers because of the way it feels on your skin.

Avaliability: 5/5
Avaliable exclusively at Watsons stores islandwide. This is really convenient considering there are Watsons nearly everywhere in Singapore.

Overall: 4.75/5
Definitely will repurchase. This gets rid of both light and heavy makeup so well in so little time! However, i'm not sure if this will work for everyone because it is an oil based cleanser, it might be too oily for people with acne-prone skin.

'PERFECT X SIMPLE' Cleansing with Hada Labo. Really lives up to it's philosophy.
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  1. Do you like this better than the Meltie cleanser??

  2. @Millau
    Well, i wouldn't say that because i like both just as well. Depends on a person's preference i guess? Some people will like to work with oils and more liquid-y removers while others like to work with creamish ones (:

  3. i have a question! do you still use a cleanser after this?

  4. @Rebecca
    Depends on my makeup. If i'm wearing heavy foundation makeup I will double cleanse even though there isn't really a need to, but i like my pores to be squeaky clean after the day. On normal days, I don't find the need to, unless I'm feeling super hardworking that day. Doesn't make much of a difference to me (:.


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