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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Hello all my lovelies! I'm back from my Christmas weekend and will resume blogging soon after i get out of the holiday mood ;). Just to share with you sweeties a couple of exciting products that's going to be launched from Skin79 and will hit the Watsons stores on 29th December (which is tomorrow)! (I'll be reviewing them soon so stay tuned xoxo)

If you remembered, i recently did a review of their Lovely Girl BB Cream and I'm really lovin' it!

About Skin79
The first skincare brand to give Koreans BB creams in 2006 and invent a whole new skincare category, Skin79 has ignited a worldwide BB cream craze and has been topping the skincare charts in Asia. Alongside its extensive range of BB creams, BB packs and BB concealers, Skin79 has a full range of skin care products from whitening, acne care to men’s solution.

A couple of their most famous products that I first think of when i hear "Skin79" will definitely be the Hot Pink BB Cream and the Gold BB Cream. Their packaging is just impeccable!

Moving on, here are the two new products...
1. SKIN79 Vital Orange BB Cream (Suitable for oily/ combination skin types. Exclusively at Watsons, $49.90.)

"Armed with the highest sun protection within the Skin79 range, the Skin79 Vital BB Cream with SPF 50+ PA+++ is truly vital to our skin protection against the harmful UV-A and B rays.In addition, this is the only Skin79 BB cream fortified with the Vital-V Complex, comprised of 5 Vitamins with rich nourishment and moisturisation, good skin firming and brightening properties, and powerfulanti-oxidant protection.
This BB Cream is climbing up fast on the charts of Skin79’s best sellers. Armed with SPF50+ PA+++ and fortified with 5 skin-enriching vitamins, it offers a one-step quick-fix for a total of ten beauty grouses. It superbly fends off UV damage, improves wrinkles, whitens, nourishes skin, hydrates, builds resilience, protects skin against pollution, controls sebum, and acts as a makeup base and foundation.Its vibrant orange packaging suggests cheerfulness and vitality, and is a fine acquisition for outgoing ladies looking for vital skin improvement."

Some of the selling points of this BB cream
SPF 50+ PA+++ protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays, which burn the skin, cause premature ageing and contribute to cancer.
VITAL-V COMPLEX comprises of 5 vitamins that promotes skin vitality: Vitamin A improve firmness and skin elasticity, Vitamin C derivatives brighten the complexion, anti-aging Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E derivatives nourishes and restores vitality, and Vitamin F maintains skin suppleness to improve wrinkles.
ADENOSINE AND ARBUTIN penetrate deeply to whiten, brighten, iron out wrinkles and give skin elasticity.
ECO-OIL MX, a combination of eco-friendly plant extracts, sooths and infuses the skin with moisture.
CHAMOMILE EXTRACTS soothes skin and shields it from environmental damage.

From 29 Dec to 29 Feb, every Skin79 Vital BB cream comes with a pack of exclusive Skin79 Red Packets. Also, simply purchase the Skin79 Vital BB Cream and look for the golden ticket to win:
GRAND PRIZE:A full year supply of Skin79 products worth more than $500
8 CONSOLATION PRIZES:A full year supply of Skin79 BB creams worth more than $100

2. Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner (Exclusively at Watsons, $24.90.)

"It’s not just black. It’s tattoo black. Delivering darker definition, Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner creates more intense eye lines compared to its competitors. Gentle to apply, glides easily over eyelids, and 24-hour smudge-proof, Skin79 eyeliners won’t pull a vanishing act after lunch! It’s also super-easy to remove. Just swipe off using lip or eye makeup removers.This eyeliner is no exception to Skin79’s commitment to using natural ingredients and skin technology to enhance its cosmetic products. It is packed with nourishing Jojoba Oil for enhanced smoothness, Cacao seed extracts and Panthenol for intense moisturisation.Your eyes are often the most highly made-up part of your face, but it’s also the most sensitive. Make a 2012 resolution to care for it today!"

Main selling points
CACAO SEED EXTRACT protects and moisturises the skin.
CACAO SEED BUTTER brightens complexion and protects the skin from external aggressions.
JOJOBA OIL penetrates deeply to soothe and hydrate the skin.
SQUALANE promotes skin elasticity by helping to increase the water retention properties in skin and keep skin soft and supple.
ARGININE (AMINO ACID), rich in antioxidant properties, repairs and builds skin resilience.
PANTHENOL, a pro-vitamin B5, aids in skin moisturisation.

Well, sounds good aye? Start off 2012 on the right foot with SKIN79's products and look the best you can!~

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