Princesse Marina de Bourbon Marina Blue

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Sponsored review

I was sponsored by Sasa to review this bottle of perfume, Marina Blue by Princesse Marina de Bourbon. Truth be told, before I this, i had never heard of the brand before because when buying perfumes, i usually go to branded brands such as Chanel and Gucci, so this was a brand i was relatively new to.

Marina Blue was launched last month in November (when i received it) and is a pure elegant and delicate fruity floral fragrance that expresses freshness, youth, modernity and transparency. The delicate composition starts with fresh fruit cocktail (lemon, pear, green apple and melon), its soft heart blooms with freesia, lily-of-the-valley, violet, lotus. Watery nuances keep flowers fresh. Base notes include cedar wood, ambrox and musk.

I'm definitely keeping the box! It has such a pretty motif to it and its in a nice shade of blue. Just looking at it makes me feel that the scent is something soothing.

Something that's very assuring to me is that it is Made in France! I remember seeing some article somewhere sometime this year that says that there are counterfeits of perfumes that are being made in China and part of the components were *urine*?!?!

I really like the design of the bottle. Although it is in an irregular shape (the cap as well), it's such a beauty to have on your vanity!

Instead of having a straigh on fruity scent, this scent actually smells more floral-y to me. One of the more prominent scent to me is Musk. The scent changes slightly throughout the day (likewise all perfumes) and smells lighter and fresher as the day goes by. However, the perfume doesn't last very long, and i found that the scent got very light (barely noticible) around the end of the day. I really like this scent because it's the perfect balance of floral and fruity, so i can (sort of) have the best of both worlds. Sometimes some scent comes across way too sweet for me, but this does not give me the same problem. It's been added as one of my favourite perfumes!

Since perfume is a subjective thing, I would recommend that you girls go take a whiff of it at any Sasa outlets before making your purchase. I have the 100ml bottle, but they also have a 50ml bottle for sale that's in the same packaging, but smaller size (:

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Marina Blue is available exclusively at Sasa Cosmetics!

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