Neogence Ace Revitalising Hydrating Fluid Review

Friday, March 2, 2012
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Another review for the Neogence Ace Liposome range products. Following my previous 2 reviews, today's review will be on the Ace Revitalising Hydrating Fluid Review aka moisturizer of the range.

Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively smoothes wrinkles
Natural olive extract is refreshing, moisturizing, and easy to absorb

As seen, the contents of the box not only comes with the tub of hydrating fluid, but with a spatula as well. After having used so many different types of products, I really got to say that I'm not a big fan of products that come in a tub even though they're designed to maximize the amount of product we're able to use (y'know how sometimes in a tube/pump bottle, you can never get to the end of it?) because in comparison (with or without a spatula) they are less hygenic than pumps/tubes.
That being said, I always make sure to keep my spatula clean before scooping from the tub and don't double dip/put back product if scooped too much.

The tub is double sealed so as to ensure a certain standard of hygience~

The scent of the range of products are coherent, so no problem with the scent for me, it should be mild enough for those with sensitive skin as well.

The texture of the hydrating fluid is really light and looks milky (inbetween a gel and a cream), but feels a lot lighter. It absorbs into the skin really quickly - I'll explain why in a little bit.

A swatch for you~

I'm sure the picture explains a lot. Yep, that's why it absorbs so quickly and feels so light - it literally 'melts' into a light liquidy fluid (maybe that's why its called a fluid instead of cream) and it feels cooling and oh-so luxurious on your skin. However, after applying this, I don't find that my skin is as smooth as after applying the lotion or serum.

Neogence Ace Revitalising Hydrating Fluid retails for $39.90 for a 50ml tub, and is exclusively available at SaSa stores islandwide. Check out SaSa's Facebook Page for more information and promotions (:.

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