Sexylook Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Hey girls! Back with another mask review today! Today's review will be on Sexylook's Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask. I bet the Hello Kitty fans are screamingggg and getting so excited about this now. Well I do gotta say, even though I am not a Hello Kitty fan, the packaging is too cute to boot!

The mask comes in a pack of 5, and I really would have prefered if the Hello Kitty was printed on the packaging too as well. Hello Kitty lovers will then be able to keep the beautiful packaging. That being said, the box was still cute tho :).

I didn't take pictures of me using the mask but be assured that this mask is definitely a good by. First up, it's really thin but absorbs the essence really well. The mask came with a plastic sheet (like thin masks) and was dripping wet with essence (i let the extra drip off before applying in on my face). The material of the mask is better than that of the previous range of Sexylook masks I've tried (it is much thinner and silker, somewhat similar to Naruko's Raw Jobs Tears Supercritial CO2 Whitening Mask, and Love More's Aqua Damascus Rose and Arbutin whitening mask) and the fit of the mask is amazing! It is of a good size and covers my face up well.
The essence absorbs into the skin very quickly and my skin feels more hydrated, supple, and smooth to the touch. Definitely will repurchase it! The scent is simply marvellous - just like the name of the mask suggests, it has the scent of strawberries and boy it doesn't disappoint; the scent of strawberries are fragrant yet not over-powering or overly-sweet, which makes it feel like an extra pampering session when using it.

Sexylook Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores and Check out Sexylook's facebook page for more updates as well :).


  1. the packaging is so cute. thanx for the review ^^

  2. such cute packaging :D Nice review :)
    The Sweet Life


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