INOA: Innovation No Ammonia

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

INOA introduces a new range of hair dye to hit their salons in July 2012. The new INOA dye comes in more than 50 different shades that you'd be spoilt for choice! The dye is supposed to leave your hair in a condition as good as (or even better) than the pre-dyed state.

INOA actually stands for Innovation No Ammonia. We actually got a live demo between the convential dye to the INOA dye. The INOA dye didn't smell at all! Not to mention, the dye is supposed to provide 100% grey coverage, as well as up to six weeks of intense hydration and nutrition (to your hair, of course).

The new dye uses Oil Delivery System (ODS), rather than ammonia, to deliver the dye which was described to us in layman terms as using a key to open a locked door, as compared to usual dyes which knock down the wall in order to deposit the colour pigments - I'm sure i don't have to explain which is better for your hair.

INOA also has a range of shampoo, conditioner, and mask to help with your maintance at home.

Ending off the event with pictures of food :)

For listing of salons that uses INOA products, go to

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