GLOMAX Aesthetics - Intensive Acne Medic Treatment Review

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
I was invited to go to GLOMAX Aesthetics by Hazel for a treatment earlier this week and I was pampered by the skillful hands of owner and founder, Evon, who founded the face artistry a few years ago. Evon is experienced with adminstering beauty procedures and have been doing it for over a decade, so I was more than  relived to leave myself (and face) in her safe hands.

Like always, you can only administer the right treatment given the right diagnosis, so I was asked to fill up a short form about my skin condition (and health related questions that might interefere with whether or not one is suitable for a certain treatment) before Evon took a closer look at my skin and gave her professional analysis.
Evon also gave me a brief description of my current skin condition, and also let me know more about the blemishes that I have, which are the common black/white heads as well as pimples.
I was ushered into a cosy and dim-lit room, and was provided with a robe to change into as well as slippers to change into (slippers were given upon entering the clinic). There was also a little cupboard for me to hang my clothes and put my bag in, as well as a mini tray for me to place my necklace which was asked to be removed prior to begining the treatment.
I got to try out their Intensive Acne Medic Treatment (60mins for $150) because my pores were soooo clogged. The fact that my skin is mildy oily aside, the weather is definitely not helping by further enlarging and helping to cause my skin to clog even more. And, my itchy fingers won’t stop picking at white/blackheads and pimples. I’m horrible LOL.Throughout the entire treatment, Evon was very friendly and accomodated to me whenever I told her it was uncomfortable. I’ll definitely return for a next treatment because i really enjoyed Evon’s warm hospitality and the effects of the facial.

Before any treatment or products is administered, the first step of any facial would be to cleanse your face of any makeup (even though i wasn't wearing any) and excess sebum to ensure optimal absorbtion and effects of the products and treatment following it.

The treatment started out with Sonic cleansing, where a flat ‘spatula’ was slowly (but lightly) scraping across my skin to dislodge any impurities within my skin using vibration and waves of different frequency. No irritation was felt, but i could hear the high pitched frequency whenever it got nearer to my ears – nothing too much to bear though.
Following that, extraction. I don’t think you girls need me to tell you how painful it is, but this pain is definitely worth it. Evon is very skilled and experienced in doing so such that it doesn’t leave a scar. It was painful, no doubt, but I won’t mind going through it again. What happens during this is that they will use a sterile needle to poke into the clogged pore (which is extremely obvious under strong light and a manifying glass) to create a passage before squeezing to extract whatever impurities that are stuck within the pore.
I got such a huge sense of satisfaction whenever she showed me that she managed to spot and effectively squeeze  out all that bad stuff in my pore. Yes for clean pores!~

After that, high frequency mild antiseptic was administered to kill off all the bacteria that might still be in the pores and on the surface of my skin to prevent them from causing problems in the same spot again, as well as promote healing.

Cold gel was then applied to my skin before IPL light is used on my skin. Since I have oily skin, the IPL is administered to help me rebalance the sebum levels to prevent higher possibilities of formation of black/white heads and pimples.

After rebalancing the sebum levels, a cold mask was applied to my face to control the sebum levels.

It has been about 2 weeks since I got my facial done now, and I'm really impressed with the results. Previously, after i cut my fringe short I had so much break outs around my forehead area (you can see in the picture of the sonic cleansing) and now the skin around that area has been sooo much better! If you're interested to try it out for yourself, I have a deal for you! :)

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Pamper yourself and your skin with GLOMAX Aesthetics!
GLOMAX Aesthetics - TheFace Artistry
12 Eu Tong Sen Street. The Central, Soho 2. #06-168 Singapore 059819
W: T: (65) 6225-5193

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  1. I wanna try it! Cause I'm experiencing acne problems and breakouts!


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