July's Vanity Trove x Phillip Wain

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Catherine invited Himeko and I the other day to attend Vanity Trove's at Phillip Wain, since they are collaborating to with Phillip Wain to give a complimentary M6 treatment (which I've given to my mum's friend to use) in this month's trove! Talk about value for money~
Vanity Trove is also collaborating with Tangs so you'll see familiar brands like SK-II or Clarins in your trove. They have 3 different types of trove, each is a little different from one another but don't worry about being shortchanged because all the values of the troves' products are the same.

If you haven't heard of Vanity Trove,

Moving on... with the theme of "Destination Beautiful", we were each given a beauty passport to take a look around the various facilities at Phillip Wain and get stamped as we proceed along the different stations.

Himeko and I doing our first task!

We were treated so some light refreshments before heading over on our destination!

Since we were on the move with so many things on my hand, it was a tad hard for me to take pictures, but there was this one machine in the gym that would measure our BMI and BMR which was really interesting! My BMR was about 1.2k calories and 5k-ish kJ, this basically means that if I were to lazy at home in my bed doing nothing, this is the amount of energy/calories my body will naturally burn. My BMI has been underweight for nearly all my life, so that didn't come as a surprise.
In the gym, they also had this machine which will tone your back and abdominal muscles! I got captured while giving it a try and I didn't even realise it until Catherine tagged me in the picture!
After we completed the entire "journey", our tour of the place ended and we went home with our July Vanity Troves!

And, Destination Beautiful: July's Vanity Trove.
I liked the intricately packed trove as well as the fact that it comes in a "drawer" form which I can definitely reuse. Also, the hot pink colour is definitely a plus point!
Look at the massive amount of vouchers in the trove! Beauty junkies will definitely not want to give this a miss!
Here's what else is in my trove. (+ a missing complimentary voucher for the M6 Integral treatment which is a winner in 2012 by Women's Weekly for Best Tummy Tamer award!)

July's trove will be available throughout this entire month and you can get yours HERE

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