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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Are you always having troubles when you're buying gifts for others, especially for that friend that has everything? This might just be your solution - a Happybox.
Personally, i hated buying gifts for people because I'm not sure whether or not they'll like it, whether or not it'll be practical, and even worse is if the person owns something similar already. On the other hand, my concerns are the same if I were to receive a present : will i like it? will i need it? and if i don't like it, won't be it a waste not to use it?? and the list goes on..

The Happybox comes in 2 different types, the Beauty Delights Happybox and the Wine & Dine Happybox, which retails for $59 and $169 respectively.  In each box, you'll get a gift card with the unique registeration number, as well as a booklet with their partners' services (as well as details) you can choose from.

With over 20 partners working with them, the recepient will be overwhelmed with choices, and you can ensure that your gift will make someone happy. The steps for registering and making their appointments (whether it is the beauty or the wine&dine box) is easy as 1 2 3.. and 4.

For more information on Happybox, visit http://happybox.sg/.

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