Mr Bunny Travel Kit

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Got my Sigma Mr Bunny Kit from Luxola today and I'm really happy because it only cost me $75 and 1 day for it to be delivered to my house, as opposed to having to order it directly from Sigma (shipping alone costs more than 1/2 the price of the brush set). Delivery was in the form of courier to my doorstep, and costs were covered thanks to Luxola.

I've had my eyes on their brush set (the Mrs Bunny one, they're essentially the same brushes but Mrs Bunny has a different coloured handle and ferrel) but hey, can't be fussy when I'm getting to pay less for the same brushes and for them to arrive at my doorstep the very next day!

The kit contains 7 brushes (mostly essentials) and comes in a barrel which lets you keep the brush clean in - at home and/or when travelling. The brushes are all synthetic and I really like it because they won't absorb as much product (mainly foundation/liquid/cream) as compared to non-synthetic ones, plus the fact that they're really soft and smooth.

From now until 16 Sept, spend $20 on any Sigma product and you can get a free eyeliner brush - and it's in Pink too!

Do note that this was in no way sponsored and I paid for the kit myself, but this was such a great deal i thought I just had to share it with you girls :).


  1. And thank you for sharing because I wanted to get it but I only saw it on US website which is more expensive plus the shipping fees ^^


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