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Thursday, November 1, 2012
I'm all for having breakfast for lunch/dinner so one of the days last month, B, Ning (my sister) and I headed to Little Pancakes to try out their pancakes. It wasn't really an easy place to find, so it was handy that B drove that day.

Are you a sweet pancakes person or a savory one like myself?

The place is rather small, but we went at an awkward timing (like 4pm) so we were the only ones there. I can imagine it being a little noisy due to it being such a small enclosed area when it gets crowded though. We ordered a pot of tea to share (it's free refill), and water and utensils are self service.

Food was served about 10~15 minutes after our orders. As the name suggests, rather than the normal sized pancakes, these pancakes are little - about a little smaller than the size of the palm of my hand. Personally, i feel that the size is a little not-here-not-there - too big for one bite, too small for two - but this is just my personal preference.

B's - Going Nutella For You

Ning's - Strawberries or Me

Mine - Some breakfast thing, I forgot the name :x

My verdict:
The pancakes were pretty good but I felt that the sides (for what I had) were so-so. Maybe the sweet ones tastes better? I didn't try B nor Ning's so I can't give a verdict on that. Overall, my experience there was not too shabby. The price was affordable as well, and the pancakes were filling enough. Will I return?? Maybe if I'm near the area, but probably not go extremely out of the way for it. It's is a little out of the way for me, but for those of you who live nearby, you probably can give this place a try if you're craving for pancakes because the pancakes itself is not bad, and the concept is rather cute.

Little Pancakes
200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04,
Thomson Imperial Court 
Singapore 574424

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