Hello December!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Hey hey hey everyone! I can't believe it's already December already. Feels to me like the earlier months of the year just went by in a flash - I can't remember where the days went! Feels like in a blink of an eye the years just flew by me... anyone of you feel the same??

Anyway, ushered into December with my beloved boyf since it was a weekend which means that he got to book out *happy face*. Decided to take a pic of my outfit (well, missing out the shoes - which were sneakers i got from H&M) which I wore on the 1st since I dug out this blouse of mine which I bought 5 years ago (and still own and am able to fit into, haha).
Makeup was done like I did in my latest YouTube video, and the pearls and chain necklace I wore (to jazz up the outfit) is also probably around 3~4 years old, from Diva. Favourite pair of high-wasted shorts from H&M.

Been browsing a lot on lookbook lately and I really am quite inspired by the way they dress up even if it's done casually. I've always been the type of girl whereby dressing down means heading out in a tank top and slippers, but they've really inspired me. Now that the weather's been cold lately, it feels like the perfect time to experiment! Well, not that I'm the type to go out of my way to dress up just to post OOTD's... so maybe I'll do it every now and then when I do dress up, haha.

Moving on... Christmas (and follow that, New Year) is coming up and it's gonna be parties and celebrations so I have something to giveaway to prep you ladies for the pain you're gonna suffer from being in heels. Stay tuned for that real soon!

Also, Christmas is the time that I really look forward to drinks from Starbucks. I really liked their Dark Cherry Mocha i had about 2 years back but they never seemed to have brought the drink back ):. Now the standard Chritmas menu is back and I find myself going back for (other than my usual macha latte) the Peppermint Mocha. They have a few promotions going on for different days starting from 1st Dec.. some of you might be interested so here's a pic from their facebook page.

Since Christmas is the time of giving, they're giving to the salvation army as well. In exchange for a complimentary drink from them, they would like to collect donations for the salvation army. I've went for this twice before so for those of you who are intenting to, be prepared to queue.
Please don't be niao (read: stingy) and give the minimal you would. There was once I was in queue and this lady asked her friends if giving $10 is ok... her friends quickly told her, and I quote the exact words, "If you want to give $10 then you don't queue here, just go in and buy." in Chinese. ):. Shame on them, they were all using branded wallets and purses!

Okay, shall end the post here and go otaku mode with my anime bishies! ❤_❤


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