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Friday, March 29, 2013
Couple of days back, i was invited to catch the Le Noir Cirque performance (thanks to Gushcloud and Base Entertainment) and I got to bring the boy with me to catch the show with fellow Gushcloud bloggers and their +1's. B wasn't that thrilled to go along in the first place, but by the break time he was going on about how sick the acts were - in a good way of course.

For those who haven't heard of Le Noir, they are actually a travelling cirque, with 20 of the world's BEST circus professionals, from contortionist to aerial performances. They are now here at Marina Bay Sands Theatre after a sold-out world premier in Tokyo! Here are some pictures i took with my phone during the performance. I didn't want to take too much because I think you guys should really go catch it and experience the atmosphere of the show. It's not just the acts that are great - it's amplified even more with the great co-ordination of the lights and the rest of the effects during the acts.

The performance was also very interactive, with members of the audience called up to stage a couple of times for some short skits. Tammy's boyfriend was one of the few that were actually chosen to go onto the stage!

Throughout the show I was soooooooo stunned because the acts were amazing. You really have to experience this by yourself. 

With the Gushcloud bloggers! First 2 pictures from Tammy's blog!

Le Noir closes 7th April so be sure to catch it real soon! Prices range from $35~$135 before tax. VIP tickets are at $370 a pair.
Book at http://marinabaysands.com/ticketing

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