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Saturday, July 20, 2013
Starting out this weekend's blog post with a huge-ass picture of myself... because I finally figured out how to put a full-sized image picture on my blog yay. So yeap... expect huge selcas of myself soon :3.
Anyway.. if you guys followed me on my social media platforms (links are on the top of my blog!) you'd have known that I turned 19 a couple of days ago. I'm not one to like big celebrations and all, but I was glad that I got to spend my birthday with my beloved boyfriend who gave in to my whim to do nothing at all even though he planned out where he wanted to bring me to and all. I may blog about my birthday celebration soon... but really la nothing much one lol.

Pssst.. my Gumtoo giveaway is ending tomorrow 11:59pm.. Have you taken part yet?

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