Hello, July.

Monday, July 1, 2013
Can't believe July's already here.. Where did the 1st half of the year go to?? Actually, where exactly did the past few years go to, I don't really remember lol. Anyway July's gonna be a good month because B's taking his final batch before he ORDs (sort of) before heading for Uni.. and cause it's the month of my birthday - 18th July to be exact :). I turn 19 this year.... and before I know it it's gonna be my last year as a "teen" Sigh where does time go, really.

Will hopefully be keeping up this blog more often, but of course you guys are free to follow me for instant-updates on my Twitter and Instagram (which just hit 1500 followers yay). Also gonna be putting up my June Favourites soon which I might do a video for as well. Oh yes, and look out for a giveaway coming up real soon which will be open internationally :). Sorry for the verbal vomit and lack of proper phrasing though, not sure what's up with my train of thoughts now.

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