Dressing Salad

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Featuring Dressing Salad today! Dressing Salad let me pick out a couple of pieces for this advert and I was really happy with my picks! They are both soooo comfortable (anybody else hates having to sacrifice comfort for style?) yet they look so chic.

First piece I picked was the Miss Larissa Lace Top in White. You guys might have seen me post an OOTD on Instagram matching it with a pair of floral skorts.

I really liked how it's of a light lace and chiffon material which allows your skin to breathe.. and is perfect for layering and for weather that's so hot and humid like Singapore's. It's a basic piece with an extra oomph to match for both dressy and casual outfits. Throw on a pair of shorts and it's much edgier!

Aside from that, the other piece I picked out was the Miss Wioletta Aztec Print Runner Shorts (Black). I wore it out to catch a movie with B the other day and it's soooooo comfy. I further amped up the comfy-factor by wearing it with a simple black tanktop and loose fit cardigan .. I could stay in this outfit ALL DAY. The shorts also comes with pockets and is nice and flowy - but not too loose. I also love that it's such a silky smooth material.

Dressing Salad has also extending some promotion and giveaways for my readers! Subscribe to their mailing list and quote "JAMIE$3off" when ordering to enjoy $3 off your bill :)

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  1. You are soo pretty~~
    and very cute outfits !! :D

  2. Hi, may I know where is your pink cardigan from? Looks pretty on you! (:

  3. Thank you babe! I bought it a loooong time ago from Oakham Market

  4. The lace top is so cute and versatile! At first I thought it was a dress when you wore it with the floral skirt ^^ And you're so pretty!!!


  5. It is isn't it? Aw thanks babe x


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