The Glamour Voyage

Monday, August 12, 2013
Introducing a new accessory sponsor today - The Glamour Voyage. The Glamour Voyage is a newly set up accessories blogstore that brings you unique pieces at very affordable and pocket-friendly prices. I used to shop for accessories on GMarket, but I always felt so scammed because they'd put the prices so cheap, but when you click onto your selection it has an added (+$12) or something by it's side... #cheatmyfeelings. Plus, I have previously ordered some and they arrived all defective (hooks don't work, things dropped out) and the bangles are way too big.. That really marked the end of my shopping for accessories with GMarket.
The Glamour Voyage let me pick out a few of the items I like from this collection and I am really amazed by the quality of the items? First up is the weight - they don't feel super light and weightless like it's made of super low quality materials and won't keep it's shape. Secondly, no defects! The things work fine (clasps etc) and there isn't a chip off anywhere. Moving on.. here are what I have picked out!

Ray Of Sunshine in White

The Arch of Matt in Black

Princess Sweetness Earring

Enter JXTGV3 to be entitled to $S3.00 off all items with complimentary local normal postage from Chapter 1 and 2!

Find out more about The Glamour Voyage on their Facebook and Instagram pages!


  1. The necklaces are so super pretty! <3

  2. Hello Jamie, what camera do you use?
    Whoaa, the Arch of Matt in Black is so cooooool <3

  3. Casio Exilim TR150 for this post! :)

  4. Thank you Jammie,
    keep blogging :D

  5. Hi jamie what lenses are you using? Your eyes are so pretty!

  6. Thank you! I'm actually not wearing any lenses here.. It's probably due to the reflection of my ringlight!


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