Sunday, September 15, 2013
Sorry for the lack of updates! Haven't had the time to blog lately.. but here's a post of my recent set of selfies! I've been obsessed with this lip colour (also doubles as cheek/eye) that VDL sent to me recently... will cover it soon!
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Dress Topshop | Cardigan Fashion Martini


  1. You are super pretty! (: And I like your cardigan! <3

  2. Do you edit your selfies? They look flawless! Just hoping to learn how to edit flawless skin looking photos :)

  3. Do you edit your photos? Can you share how to obtain that flawless look? hehe ^_^

  4. Only lighting with levels on photoshop. My camera has makeup mode!

  5. thanks for sharing! :) wad is the model of your camera?


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