Glamour Rose by D'Nail Palette

Monday, October 28, 2013
Finally back with another nail update! Both Phyl and I have been so busy lately we haven't gotten a timing set to do my nails until recently... and her work had gotten even better than when she last did my nails!
Gotten extensions done this time and again, I gave Phyl a gauge of what I wanted and she customised the rest accordingly to what she knows of my preference! Love love love it! Gotten so many compliments on it already and everyone's so in awe (like I was) that she hand-painted these beautiful roses!

Love the combination that Phyl chose for me - of white, silver, black and coral. Plus the black roses on the transparent extensions is gorgeous!!

To book an appointment, Text/Whatsapp Phyl @ 81331321 (watsapp/sms), or via email @! Appointments should be made at least one week in advance!
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  1. You shouldn't edit too much your photos 'cuz it doesn't look real :/, that's my opinion

  2. I don't edit my photos - said it before that my camera has make up mode.


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