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Sunday, October 13, 2013
Was invited by my dear Maybeline for a food tasting at Melben Signature the other day to test out their food at the new outlet at Bestway Building (Tanjong Pagar MRT).

Brought the boy along with me that day!

I'm sure we're all pretty familiar with their famous first outlet which is at Ang Mo Kio (plus the queue that comes along with eating there), so if you want to try your luck at a shorter wait, try out their new outlet!

Plus, to celebrate the opening of the new outlet opening, vouchers for 15% off with a minimum spending of $100 would be available at the store before payment.

I'm sure you guys already know I'm a very picky eater - which is why I don't really attend food tasting events because I don't want to be unfair to the resturant, but I'm really happy with the food at Melben Signature. There were some food I didn't try, but don't worry because I'll write down B's imput instead.

Behind the scenes of food tasting sessions...
It's really funny that when the food comes, it makes one round for everyone to snap pictures because anybody can start digging in hahaha. Work comes first!

Crispy Beancurd. ($10/$20)
We were first served this dish and I really enjoyed it. I've always liked tofu (beancurd) and this tofu has bits of carrot inside that added to the taste - which is slightly savoury and has that natural "sweetness" to it. I also liked that the outside was crispy but the inside was not only soft but slightly springy.

Seafood Beancurd Broth with real crab meat. ($10/$20)
If you are a fan of shark's fin soup but is now against having shark's fin - this will be right up your alley. The broth was flavourful and you get the freshness of the chunks of crab meat inside! Plus, this was really smooth and is really appetising before the rest of the dishes when you have it added with vingar.

Claypot Crab Bee Hoon (Market Price)
I'm drooling as I remember how good the dish was. Think - springy beehoon, with a milky and flavourful soup base with the sweetness of the crab meat. Nothing but love for this. You really do have to try it to understand what I'm trying to explain. The soup is rich but not overpowering or too thick, and the crab meat is succulent and fresh (not to mention, that was one big crab!).

Salted Egg with Pork Ribs ($15/$20)
I really enjoyed this dish. Maybe because I'm a big fan of salted egg yolks (love my mooncakes with double yolks), I always love dishes cooked with salted egg yolks. The ribs were well marinated and they were well coated in the sauce. Maybe because I got a slightly different cut of the ribs, I found that the meat didn't come off the bone as easily - everyone else on the table said they didn't have a problem with theirs though.

Creamy Butter Crabs (Market Price)
Super love this dish as well. How can anyone dislike butter right? The sauce was not too thick nor too buttery, and definitely brings out the sweetness of the crab. The crabs were really fresh and the meat were all sweet and succulent - YUMS.

The following dishes I didn't try so I'm putting the boy's imput instead!

Dragon Fruit Fried Fish (dependant on size of fish)
B: I didn't try the fruits but the sauce was refreshingly sweet and sour. The fish was fried cripsy yet the meat was still moist and tender.

Chilli Crab (Market Price)
B: This was good. The crabs are very fresh and the meat was very succulent. Sauce was savoury and wasn't too spicy - slightly more towards the sweet side. Sauce had a good consistency as well. The fried mantous was crispy without being oily, and were soft on the inside.
*I loved the mantou too hehehehe*

Mushroom and “Bai Bai” vegetables ($15/$20)
B: Vegetables were nice and crisp, perfectly cooked. The sauce was of a smooth consistency. Didn't have much of this so I can't remember it well.

Salad Prawns ($35/$45)
B: Prawns were fresh, springy and meaty. Mayonnaise sauce was a good match with the prawns. Prawns were nice and cripsy.

We also had "orh nee" (yam paste) but I felt it was too sweet, thick, and gelat (overpowering) for my liking. Much prefer it without the coconut cream and with pumpkin puree instead!

Overall, the food was delicious and I can definitely see myself coming back (with my family) for more. Plus, this outlet is much nearer for me than the Ang Mo Kio one. I'm not sure about reservations but Melben absorbs service charges (still subjected to GST though) from the bill.

12 Prince Edward Road Singapore 079212 (Inside Bestway Building)

How to get there:
Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit D or H.
Plenty of parking lots available at the open space carpark infront of Mellben Signature

Contact: 6220 5512

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11am to 10.30pm
Public Holidays, Saturday and Sunday: 5.30pm to 10.30pm.
Last order at 10.30pm

Ending this post off with a few pictures with my lovelies!


  1. You're pretty ^^ but you shouldn't edit too much your photos because it doesn't look natural :/

  2. Thank you! I don't edit my photos except for lighting, everything else is done by my camera automatically.

  3. I think I need to go to DrX too ^^ And the food is making me drool! Maybe I shall just ask Derek to bring me there without letting him know the price :p


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