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Monday, January 6, 2014
For those of you who don't already know, I have been with DRx for about a year now. I've not been blogging much about the updates because my regime didn't change much, and it's hard for me to capture my "current" skin condition since I always break out during that time of the month due to hormonal changes - aside from that, rest of my skin has improved tremendously and is nice and clear!

I did mention most of my products as regime (post here) and they haven't changed, except for a few additions as well as a slight change in the sequence of usage. My current regime is arranged from step 1 - end in the very first picture.

If you don't also already know, my favourite product is Max-C (*C) aka Vitamin C. Can't rave enough about how much I love that it lightens the skin tone, reduces redness, and it feels really nice and silky smooth on your skin - no joke.
Another product I want to specifically mention is the AB. I previously mentioned in my DRx skincare video (link here) that it stings on open wounds, but I realised recently that with this the rest of my skincare absorbs much faster. DRx had a shortage of this at one point so I ran out, and I realised that without it in my skincare, it too much longer for the rest of the products to absorb - which makes sense since AB was to "eat up" the dead skin cells. My Max-C also seemed to work better with this in my regime.

Sunblock is a MUST even on rainy/cloudy days as the UV rays can penetrate through the clouds. My sunblock is the 5B Liposomal sunblock that is slightly less oily. Love it! x

Last but not least is another product I love - Anti Blemish Mask. As the name suggests, it's a mask to prevent blemishes. I can really see the difference when I do and don't apply it 2~3 times a week!

A couple of added products are X Cream (for my dark eye circles) and strong lightener (for some pigmented scars). Another of my love is the award-winning Skin Supplement that also doubles as a oral sunblock + collagen supplement!

First time customers can quote "Jamie tan" when making their appointments to have your first 3 consultations waived off! Valid till end of January 2014!

1. Can I just purchase the products without seeing the doctors?

I know that a lot of you are asking me about this, and the answer to it is actually yes (sort of) - you can purchase (or top up) any of the products you need that is available at the Medispa (eg Max-C).
However, I will most definitely recommend going to see the doctors (you get free consultation for this first 3 times if you are a new customer anyway) so that you can know which products are suitable for you, how to use them, in which order, for the best efficacy that the products were supposed to have.

2. How do I quote your name?

Just quote "Jamie Tan" when making your appointments! You can double confirm it again when you are there so that there isn't any miscommunication.

3. How much will it cost?

This, like I said many times before, I cannot give a gauge as your regime is tailor-fit for your skin condition. What works for me may not work for you, and we might not get the same products. You can however, let the doctors/staff know your budget and they can prescribe what works within it (I'd say around $200~$300 would be good at least). They will never hard-sell you to buy anything that you are unable to afford, or not willing to buy.

4. Which doctor do you recommend?

All the doctors at DRx are very good (I've heard from the fellow bloggers), and my doctor is Dr Angela Hwee.

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  1. Does drx have products for acnes on the back?


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