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Thursday, January 2, 2014
Happy 2014 everyone! Thank you for reading this space even though I don't update as often as I should - but I'll definitely be updating more often in 2014!

Anyhoo, 2013 came and gone in a flash. I really have no idea where the days went - it only felt like yesterday when I was celebrating the last Chinese New Year with my family. Nonetheless, 2013 has been good to me and I want to reflect on some things this year in this space.

2013 began my 2nd year (and in 2014, my 3rd) with Shunji Matsuo @ 313, my hair sponsor who takes amazing care of my hair. I've added another 2 sponsors - D'Nail Palette and DRx to my list of sponsors too, and I'm really thankful for their generosity to me.

Feb last year marked the 4th anniversary for my love and I (and here's to our 5th in Feb xx). It's been so long since we've been together and it really makes me happy knowing that we grew with each other (physically - old boy's turning 23 this year, I can no longer call him a boy soon, and mentally) and I got to see him complete his national service mid this year, and enroll into NUS now. Our relationship didn't have a smooth start, but I'm really really glad we're still going strong, and hopefully for many more years down the road. We also went on our very first solo overseas trip together early last year to Bangkok!

I also started doing YouTube videos last year (posted 2 recently) and I'm really loving it! It's a little more tedious than doing up blog posts (esp video editing parts!!) but it's much easier to explain something on video than in pictures and words. Looking forward to doing more videos!

Also started modeling for blogshops last year (Thanks to The Stage Walk and Jamie for discovering me) and it has opened many more doors and opportunities to me as well, and my Instagram is just a little away from 5k followers :). I want to take this chance to thank the blogshops and the owners I got the pleasure of working with, and thank all of you for being so nice and generous to me - so much that my wardrobe is so full now haha. I found a new passion in modeling and it motivates me to get going and wake up at 9am on a weekend, looking forward to my shoot.

I turned 19 last year and it marks about 3 years since I've started blogging. Quite bummed that it's my last year as a "teen" and my age begins with the Big 2 this year... but ): ): ):. Oh wells, at least I learnt how to curl my hair by myself so it wasn't a useless year with no "achievements".

Annnnnd I also made the biggest splurge of my year with my Canon 700D (next to my iPhone 5s and iPad mini). Really looking forward to picking up more on photography and produce nicer pictures for this little space of mine. And I get to film better videos with this so it was definitely worth the heartache yay.

Nearing the end of last year, I made a decision to let go of a bunch of friends I once held close to my heart. I decided there was no point in me chasing after a friendship that used to be when they are advancing without me. I'm tired of being the one to suggest any meet ups with no replies nor seeming effort. It's not easy to come to this decision but I'm still very glad that they have once been my closest friends at a point of my life, and the memories of those days will never go. I guess that my years of absence created a gap that couldn't be filled, but I'm glad and happy for them that they are still as close as we they used to be.
On the same note, I am very thankful for yet another group of my friends that still hold me close to their hearts, and even though we don't meet as often, I love that we can always talk to all of you about anything and everything like we never missed out on each others' lives at any given point. You girls know who you are and I love y'all for it xx

I've never been one to produce posts that are too wordy - I guess I'm more of a visual person, but it feels good to get these off my chest and look back at my year. 2014 will be good, 2014 will be better. How was 2013 for all of you?

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  1. Nam Mo A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Jamie, talking Dharma in several different languages was my projects since I had my talking Dharma to girls project. I post a few Spanish and French Dharma paragraphs in this comment box if you don't mind. Xie xie Ni.

    Nibbāna (n. neut.). Liberación; la desvinculación de la mente de la codicia, la ira y el auto-engaño, de las sensaciones físicas y de los actos mentales. Como este término también se usa para referirse a la extinción
    del fuego, conlleva connotaciones de aquietar, refrescar y pacificar. (De acuerdo con la física enseñada
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    « Si en abandonnant un bonheur limité,
    il voit qu’il peut obtenir un bonheur plus vaste,
    l’homme éclairé abandonne le bonheur limité,
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    Dhammapada 290

    « Qu’une personne qui est observatrice vienne à moi,
    quelqu’un qui n’est pas faux, qui n’est pas fourbe,
    mais dont la nature est honnête.
    Je lui enseignerai le Dhamma.

    De sorte que, pratiquant selon les instructions,
    en peu de temps, il saura et verra par lui-même :
    « Ainsi, voilà comment il y a libération juste de l’esclavage,
    c’est-à-dire l’esclavage de l’ignorance. »

    Majjhima Nikaya 80

    Namo Original Dharma Teacher Sakyamuni Buddha.


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