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Thursday, January 30, 2014
Introducing OSIM's uShape in today's post!

I'm sure many of you are like me, who keeps whining about wanting to tone up but really am too lazy (or busy) to get started. On the other hand, there will be another handful of you who do get started but stop after a couple of days right??
Who is guilty of this??

Don't you wish there was a machine that'd do that for you, with no effort on your part? Now, there’s OSIM uShape for the lazy people!

Imagine this: burning fats JUST BY STANDING THERE. No kidding!

Lets backtrack a little... what is "burning" fats??
At rest (that is to say if you spend the whole day lazing in bed doing absolutely NOTHING) females burn an average of 1200-1500cal, whereas males burn an average of 1500-1800cal (this differs for each individual), combine it with some light exercises like walking/jogging or climbing steps, I'd say we can give ourselves another 300 or so calories worth of allowance.. but that is not a lot.

To put this in context with the upcoming CNY, here is the amount of calories you are potentially consuming for the next few days of holiday..
THE HORROR RIGHT?? I alone can finish up a tub of pineapple tarts... and I like mine super buttery and flaky!! Lucky for me that I don't usually eat the most on the list.. but with all the feasting and reunion dinners you sort of get an idea of how much calories you are going to take in.

The OSIM uShape is not only handy for helping you burn fats, but it also lets you tone up and target select areas. It is a very versatile piece of equipment that you can use for stretches, strength training, and comes with resistance bands if you want to add on to your "work out". I was already contemplating to buy myself one to put at B's place for us to use (and it doesn't take up much space - I can just keep it under his bed). So happy to exercise and burn fats effortlessly!

While we were all a little shy to get on the uShape in the first place (I mean it really jiggles your fats LOL), we all agreed that it was rather comfortable and you can really feel it. My muscles actually ached a little a day after that and I was only on it for a short while! No pain no gain - but at least I didn't have to put in much effort... literally just had to stand there!)
After the session, we got to try out some food from Xndo. They contains very little calories yet very tasty. What’s the point of making the effort to lose the fats if you're going to have fatty and high-calorie foods all the time right?

The foods are packaged conveniently in singular packets, similar to the food packages that astronauts use for their food - so it stays fresh despite not using preservatives. Plus, all you need is to heat it up in the microwave! It’s really simple!
They all look (and taste) so good! Don’t think anyone will be able to tell they actually came from a packet (plus is low calorie)! I'm definitely gonna head to their store soon to pick out some replacement meals and drinks (they even have a 1-minute cupcake and milk tea with konjac pearls)!

Ending off with the mandatory group shot!

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