Sunday, April 6, 2014
I'm sure BlogShopping isn't a new name for most of you here. BlogShopping houses some of your favourite brands in online shopping and brings them to a retail store near you!
BlogShopping is a multi label concept boutique store that bridges the gap between physical retail stores and online e Retailers. 
Worried about the fitting or material of any items that you might wish to purchase online? You can avoid the disappointment by visiting us and have a feel and fit of your favourite brand's apparels before purchase.
We have weekly new arrivals amounting to 200 pieces weekly so there is never a dull moment shopping at BlogShopping!
Really love the wide variety of brands (to name some: Ellysage, Vogue Avenue, kikikeli) they have that carry clothing's of every style! From girly dresses, to ripped denim jeans!
If you're like me and have weird sizings (I'm smaller than most free-sized bottoms and have wide shoulders, a short body and long legs) or you simply like to try and feel the items/material of the particular product you want to buy, BlogShopping is a godsend.

As a blogshop model, I for one know how deceiving pictures can be. There are a lot of the times that clothing are styled to make a particular piece look nicer, certain angles at which the photos are taken at, and when the clothes are too loose, clipping away the excess fabric. That's also why you should always make sure to check the measurements (most of the stores I shoot for measure the clothing's themselves so the measurements mostly accurate say a few millimeters' difference . Don't just judge based on photos alone!) before you purchase.

Even though I'll have to pay a little more than I do when I buy it online, I for one would be more willing to do so in exchange for knowing that I'll look good in the particular piece, rather than buy it online and risk having it fit weird (and waste my money on something I'll never wear).

Furthermore,  you guys can shop at any BlogShopping outlets and when you make a purchase, you will stand a chance to Buy One Get One. Each winner would be picked weekly from each outlet. So there would be 3 winners each week and the winner would be announced on BlogShopping's Facebook page :

Besides that, you can become a member to enjoy further discounts when shopping at BlogShopping! Sign up for BlogShopping Membership Card at $10 a year and get 10% off the first purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off the whole birthday month.

Far East Plaza #01-33/34
Jem #04-07
Bugis Junction #03-12A

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