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Thursday, April 17, 2014
Loving this candid le boy took of me for my advertorial for Sassy Dream (or better known as @shopsassydream on Instagram) today!

When Sassy Dream contacted me for the advertorial, I knew that this was a store that I'd love to work with. I've seen their clothing on Instagram quite often and I knew that the style would be right up my alley - with flirty dresses (and their own label!) to rompers and cropped tops/bralets... what's not to love? Not to mention that their stuff are really affordable as well!

I picked out the L.A. California Shredded Tank as well as the Destroyed Shorts (Denim) for the advertorial. 
I immediately fell in love with the shorts and after checking the measurements, I was so happy that I would be able to fit into them! Most online stores don't bring in denim shorts, and when they do, they are either not my size or not my style so imagine how excited I was for this. You guys probably already know about my obsession with denim shorts right?? They did turn out a little loose (sits on my hips as opposed to waist) but it still looks great when worn.. Plus, my body's so short nobody will think that it's on my hips lolol.

Both pieces are really casual and I like it like that because that way I'll be able to wear them often! Pair it with slippers like I did and you have a look to run errands in. Switch it to booties and you're good to rock Coachella!

Quote "JAMIE10" from now till 15th May to get 10% off your shopping!

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