What you've missed (I)

Saturday, April 12, 2014
I'm guessing you guys can already tell from my Instagram that I enjoy taking pictures of myself lolol. What you guys don't see, is that I usually take a few photos, and then post the one I like the most. While I could post all of them, I don't want to be flooding my instagram feed with photos that are very similar, so I thought I could post some of them here in an effort to add more personal posts to my blog.

It's not that I'm entirely commercialising my blog - I'm not. It's just that I get too lazy to be taking photos of everything in my life when half the time I post the events live on Instagram sighpie. Anyway, I've put together some of the photos I want posted, but there are too many to go into one posts so I'll fit this into 2 separate posts.

Before that - New videos!

Taken with some of my girls at a Watsons event previously.

It's a wrap after shooting with Jamie and Gabriel!

The man of my life! Who is behind like 90% of my OOTD shots! My personal photographer (not that he has much of a choice lolol)

Picture with le 2nd sister. She doesn't like taking photos much so opportunities like this is a rarity! The rest of my family aren't as vain as me either... no idea why I'm so different. Maybe I'm really a #dustbinbaby hahahaha

Yes I make weird faces in public...

The OOTD shots you never saw. OOTDs are hard to take on certain days. Some days we get it on the first shot, and some days they take forever to arrive. This was one of the latter.
Doesn't fit into a square on Instagram without looking weird.

Sometimes the wind just hates you... or me.

Okay that's it for part 1!

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