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Sunday, May 4, 2014
Just got my nails done for a new set with Phyl because I finally found the time to head down to get it done. Have been so busy recently I feel like I've not been upholding my nua zabor (lazy girl) title hahaha.

This time round I decided I wanted it in Teal, and I wanted something simple with gold accents and foil. And as alway, Phyl always delivers!

The shade of the foil really reminds me of the colour of Lapis Lazuli, which is a stone that is in this gorgeous shade of blue with specks of gold that which I really really love. It's one of the charms I'd want to get from Pandora from their essence collection!

To get your nails done by Phyl, book an appointment via email or WhatsApp/SMS to 8133 1321
Quote "Jamie" to get 10% off any Gelish designs over $50.

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