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Sunday, October 26, 2014
How many of you girls here wish to slim down/tone up but are too lazy to do anything about it? I guess it's no surprise that I'm one of the girls that are like that. People who know me would know that aside from being a lazy person, I don't like perspiring which is why I don't usually exercise. Even when I do, it's at a gym because they have air conditioning there.

While many of you can say that I'm already slim, I am not toned. I used to be a gymnast, and I used to have defined muscles on my legs, arms, and abs. It's been about 5 years since I've stopped, and I've not picked up any form of exercise since then, and the muscles are turning into fats T_T. I can hide fats well for the most parts, but with my obsession with cropped tops and high-waisted shorts, I can't hide it for long.

So it's almost a godsend when myblackshop offered me their slimming soap to review. Slim down without effort? SIGN ME UP!!

Besides their Slimming Soap, they also have a Bust-Up soap (which is going at 10% off for October in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness) but I'll be reviewing the Slimming Soap today. The first thing I made sure to check out was the ingredients of the soap. I didn't want to be using something that's of unknown origins and might cause side effects, so I was very glad to know that the soaps are from Korea and their ingredients are all natural!

I liked that the soaps came in 3 small bars because I hate using large soap bars. Plus, it's easier to bring out (I put one bar at B's) as well as finish up. You can also get one pack to share with 2 other friends this way! (Or get the 3rd unopened bar to camwhore with like me here haha)

Initially, I gotta admit I was skeptical as to whether a soap like that, with such seemingly ordinary ingredients, would work... but I was sold when I did notice that my thigh gaps were further apart, and my shorts actually got slightly looser!! I made sure to try it out for a month before I wrote this so that I could be sure that it is really effective. Of course, that being said, it might not work on everybody, and might work better for some than for others.

For the soap itself, I loved the smell. It has a light floraly smell that I found really really pleasant. The smell lingers a while after the shower as well. I loved for the fact that despite this being a slimming/toning product, there wasn't that burning/stinging feeling!

I've never showed a picture of my bare torso before (at least not that I remember), but here it is after a few weeks of using the slimming soap! All unedited except for lighting!

Of course, like I mentioned, results differ for different individuals. I'm writing this from my point of view, and having seen results on myself, I'm saying that it works for me. I also got to try out the Bust-Up soap but sadly there weren't much apparently results for me, unlike others who saw great results... guess I'm destined for small boobs hahah.

Each pack retails for $29.90 which I think is very affordable, considering that one bar lasts for quite a long while!

Quote "JAMIE" to get 10% off your purchase! (Details on how to utilise the code here)

This is an advertorial, however all thoughts on the products
are entirely my own, and were not influenced by others.

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