Saturday, November 8, 2014
 Never been a big fan off crazy accessories, but I'm super digging this new Amber Sceats Pearl Ear Cuff in Silver that JUST TANGY sent over to me.

For those of you who don't already know, JUST TANGY is a local online store in Singapore founded by Sarah, who is an avid online shopper and a fan of exclusive international designer brands. She finds magic in bringing emerging international brands, which are highly sort after but unavailable locally, making them more exclusive and special to own. She curates the brands and products herself, carefully selecting them for their design. From the high fashion of New York City to handmade European goods. JUST TANGY aims to carry brands, which brings life into the owner, a distinctive flavor or tanginess to their personality and outfit.

First up, I liked that the ear cuff is really high quality and worth it's every penny. Apart from being a unique piece of accessory that really jazzes up one's outfit and look, it is plated with silver 18ct gold, so it will stay perfectly silver and shiny. One of the things I hate about wearing non-gold plated accessories is that they will either cause infections (since this ear cuff is like a earring), discolour, or sometimes cause that green tinge on your skin.

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