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Thursday, December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas to all you lovelies! Today's post is going to be about my very first visit to The DRx Medispa for their Tricho service!

As many of you would have known, I have been with DRx for over a year now. DRx has been taking care of my skin with Derma-Rx products, clinic procedures and facials over at The DRx Medispa, but I have not tried out their Tricho services yet. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my hair and I gotta thank my hair sponsor for that, but aside from that, I naturally have really thick hair - both thick strands and many strands of hair.

If you guys remember, at one point of time my hair got really long (past my waist) and so it got really heavy. At that point I then noticed that I was dropping more hair than usual, and my bald spot (at the point of my parting) was becoming more prominent! I saw Rachel's (rchlwngx) posts about Tricho so I wanted to try it out as well hahaha.

Before the Tricho Purifying Treatment, I got a consultation with their Trichologist, Peggy, who then took some close up shots of my scalp for me to see the condition of my hair. She also gave me some tips and told me what caused the different conditions.

As seen in the photo below, you can see the bald spot on the left side of my fringe where I part my hair (bottom right). The other 3 are close ups of the back of my head (healthiest, most ideal, top right), my natural parting (top left), and my bald spot (thin hair and little strands, bottom left).

The treatment started off with Softener, and was followed by the nano mist to open up the hair follicles to unclog them, so that the serum will be better absorbed after that!

After that, I got a super shiok wash complete with head massage. It was sooooo comfortable and the fact that I woke up early for my appointment wasn't much help in keeping me awake hahaha.

Torture device next up!! No kidding. The staff will then roll this super painful looking roller full of tiny needles across your scalp. This helps to stimulate the scalp and helps the serum absorb much better after. It's actually not that painful for the most part.. but most painful where there is less hair - which in my case is my bald spot!

And for the serum to get it's best effect.. low level laser light which doesn’t hurt one bit!!

And all done in 1.5 hours. My scalp felt so fresh and clean after this, and my hair was all soft and bouncy. I got my hair blown dry and I requested for curls!

Half done~

Anddddd all done! Makes me wanna get the Repit hair curler (which is specially imported from Korea by DRx- it doesn’t harm hair like regular hair curlers) too +w+

Of course, with treatments like these, results aren't supposed to be immediate. Peggy showed me some pictures of their clients and the results are amazing. They also won't promise that your hair can be regrown if it has receded too much so remember - get treatment early for hair growth before it's too late!

Wanna try it out for yourself? Quote "Blogger Jamie" to get 40% off the purifying treatment that I got to do! (U.P. $188 before GST)
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  1. Hi Cynthia, thank you! Happy new year to you too. The cameras I use are both listed on my side bar over on the right.
    Yup, I'm still seeing Dr. Angela at DRx. I'm not too sure, but they should be. If you intend to go to DRx, you can quote my name when you make your appointment to get your first 3 consultation fees waived off :)

  2. Are we able to choose our skin consultants ?


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