Sunday, February 1, 2015
Featuring Wonderstellar in today's advertorial. Gosh, only when looking at the photos I realised how backdated this is!!

One thing I really like about Wonderstellar is how their picks are always right up my alley, and they are constantly updated with new arrivals that are just soooo gorgeous. JQ picked out a few items and sent them over for me for the ad.

Crop top and maxi skirt both from Wonderstellar! If you are a fan of flowy floral maxi skirts, this is your pick! It's a little loose for me but still wearable, and the flow of the skirt is just perfect!

If parkas are your thing, here's a versatile one: Hideout Parka. My love for parkas is endless but there are not always chances for me to wear them in Singapore. This one is lightweight enough for daily wear, but still keeps you warm enough when needed.

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And if parkas are not your thing? This Nude Everyday Cardigan is a good pick! It's really lightweight so for those of you who want to add a little coverup to your more revealing outfits, this is the one to pick. Added points for the fact that the material is super soft!

Quote "JAMIE5" to get 5% off when you shop at Wonderstellar!


  1. Don't mind the random stalking after so long, but you look amazing ~(•ε • ~)


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