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Monday, May 9, 2016
I'm sure we all agree that our eyes are very important. Ever since I have developed myopia, not wearing specs whenever I’m out has been a chore because I had to approach something at close proximity in order to read the signs clearly - street signs, bus numbers, and car plates (for my uber bookings) to name a few. While my myopia isn't THAT serious, it is significant enough for me to notice a difference when I don't wear my specs/contacts out.

Because I have long nails, I tend to prefer daily lenses as I don't have the confidence to wash the lenses as cleanly as I should with the monthly lens. Plus, dailies always come individually packed making it really convenient and easy to bring around.

Besides looking better, one of the reasons why I prefer wearing contacts over glasses lies with my love for shades (sunglasses). When I choose to wear my glasses out, I almost always have to change them out when I get outdoors. I can't tell you guys how many times have I had to sacrifice my eyesight for sun protection :(. However, when I'm out for long days I can't wear my contacts as they get dry and uncomfortable before my day is over.

The boyfriend doesn't usually allow me to wear my contacts everyday for prolonged periods since I often face discomfort and encounter dry eyes at the end of the day. Hence, I was really looking forward to try Alcon DAILIES TOTAL 1 and see what it can do for me.

Alcon DAILIES TOTAL 1 is the world’s first & only water gradient contact lens, with close to 100% water at the surface, all that touches your eyes is a cushion of moisture. This is why contact lens have reached a new era of comfort, with comfort that lasts until the end of the day. 
When I first saw the above text, I was indeed a little skeptical... because that is really a big claim to make - close to 100% water at the surface! However, when I tried the lens on, I was blown away. The lenses are really thin and soft, and I couldn't even feel it on my eyes when I put it on. Indeed all that touches my eyes is a cushion of moisture. Throughout the day, I couldn't even feel that the lenses were there and I was immediately sold. I also wore it for my entire trip to Tokyo earlier in April, and the lenses were still as moist and comfortable despite the cold temperature and even colder winds.

Here's how moist the lens were after a full day of wear, even though I have dry eyes.
However, one thing to take note of is that due to how moist the lenses are, you will have to make sure your fingers are dry when removing.

Not going to lie though - these are a little pricier than the usual lenses I buy, but totally worth it.

Not convinced?

Alcon is now having a promotion for DAILIES TOTAL 1, simply log on to their website to enjoy a welcome voucher. What are you waiting for?

Try it out yourself @ 
This post is sponsored by Alcon.

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