5 Things To Know Before Getting Your Nose Fillers Done

Monday, February 13, 2017
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Happy New Year everyone! Before Chinese New Year came about, I went to get my nose fillers touched up. I've previously gotten my nose bridge fillers done and this time round, I thought I'd share with you guys some things you should know before deciding if you want to get yours done too.

This time round, I got my fillers done at Calvin Chan Aesthetics and Laser at Wheelock.

1. Know what type of filler you are using.
Based on what I know, the most common type of fillers used are HA (Hyaluronic acid) ones because of its compatibility with the human body, with it already being found in our bodies. I have tried both Juvéderm and Restylane and both worked well for me. Depending on your doctor, they might recommend different fillers for different parts of the face because of how the fillers work and how long they last. I had one syringe injected this time round, and it will last anywhere from 6~12 months depending on my body's metabolic rate.

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2. Be open to suggestions.
Obviously the doctor will know what's best for you, which is why it is important to go to a experienced and reputable clinic/doctor for procedures like fillers. Doctor Chan recommended that I filled the tip area instead of my usual nose bridge area, and I'm really glad that he did. I always thought that I will never be able to make my nose look smaller with fillers, but filling up the tip did help it. It also helped with making my face look more defined and I loved it. Plus, the fillers looked really natural and I've gotten many compliments regarding it.

3. It should not hurt.*
This is the third time I'm getting fillers done and I've never once experienced any pain. The doctors I've went to were all very meticulous and I would have never done it again if there was any pain. You can however, definitely feel a mild pressure as the fillers are being injected - but that goes away after you're done - which should be in 10~15 minutes.

*I do have to say though, as I've not done any derma fillers on any other parts of my face, I'm not sure if other parts will hurt (eg. lips or tear trough). Make sure to ask your doctor all the questions you need to. If necessary, do your research and write it down before you do your consultation.

4. It might bruise.
As there is a needle injection, some people might experience bruising - a problem which I did not have. The red marks from the injection, which were not too noticeable until close up, faded away after 2 days and I was already able to use makeup to cover it after the first day. Again, this might differ for different areas.

5. It will settle after a couple of days
You should expect your fillers to decrease in volume about 20% after a couple of days because of how it reacts with your body. What some doctors do is to inject more than what you think you want, and let it settle; others might inject it to what you want, and if you want to fill up the area more after you can head back to touch up (since fillers are sold in syringes and you have to use them up within 3 months). Therefore, keep in mind that the area may not look exactly like how it did when you leave the clinic.

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If any of you are interested to see how the fillers looked directly after, you can check it out on my vlog from the 8 minute mark!

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