Last day of 2010.

Friday, December 31, 2010
How was 2010 for you?

Felt to me like it literally went by in the blink of an eye. From starting afresh in Secondary 4, to the ups and downs I've had with the Boy and with my friends, to starting work and poundering what should i plan for the life i have ahead.. Everything felt so surreal and went by so quickly, i felt like I'm stuck somewhere there and can't keep up.

Even more surreal is the fact that I question nearly - in another 2 months to come, I'd be spending my 3rd Valentines Day (and 2nd Anniversary) with the Boy. He's the person who's always there for me when i needed him (besides you vien, but half the time your phone's swimming the the toilet bowl so there's that) and i know will never judge me come what may. Waking up to him on mornings when i stayover is one of the most blissful things in my book.

Even so, i felt like I've changed. For the better or for the worse, that's for others to decide. They say change is the only thing that's constant. To a certain extent i agree to it. Someone can change because the person him/herself has changed, or simply because the person viewing him/her has changed in terms of perspective. For one, i can definitely say that I've become vain-er and gained more knowledge about beauty products and cosmetics (which i have had a interest in since last year). What sparked it off is when I became one of CLEO's Top Beauty Blogger finalist. I never knew i could enjoy doing reviews, and even researching and writing (technically blogging is a form of writing, no?) as much as I currently do. What started it was when i was reading CLEO and saw the ad but thought nothing about it. A week or so before submissions ended for the contest, i entered. And to my surprise, i got a reply from CLEO and from there began one of the more exciting 4 months of 2010. From getting monthly goodies to review to meeting other beauty junkies like Elva.

This year, also, marks the end of going to school and possibly the start of other opportunities. Notforgetting to thank B, Vien, Xian, Ophe and Elmo for encouraging, supporting and pushing me towards what I eventually want to do (which i still have no clue what yet).

The start of 2010 was actually quite blury to me, maybe it's my bad memory or it's my selective memory at work. My bad memory because I can't remember what happened - maybe the start of 2010 was really boring and mundane? Selective memory because at some point, I remember some unhappy things with the UAFB (girlfriends interested in knowing who, sms me or ask me on twitter or smth haahha). Either way, It doesn't really matter. Even though i shouldn't really limit my memories to only happy ones - it'd be sort of a facade built up in my memories - I'd really rather not have UAFB around in my memory, although somewhere deep behind my brain, it still lives in there.

Well, that's 2010 for me (or at least the last 6 months of 2010/part that i can remember)
2010's gonna end nicely for me (:.

And to end it off for you kpop fans...

Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby. HAHAHAHAH.


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