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Thursday, December 30, 2010
Sponsored Review

So recently, i have been tweeting about my skin feeling so damn good and the wonderous Dr. Skin products. Here is the official review!

Just after a week of using the products, my skin feels amazing! Never felt this smooth and poreless and silky before! It's like a miracle in 7 (technically 5, you'll know why later) little bottles! Even being the beauty junkie that I am, never had I used any skincare product that worked so well so quickly!

And here, i present to you................

The savor of miracle that happened on my skin hahahah
(Usage of it in steps left to right.

So what exactly is "Dr. Skin"?

A little background on the product and the company that developed it.

It is a skincare line developed by J. Prima Laboratories Inc.

J. Prima Laboratories Inc was founded in 1968 by a team of professional dermatologists, pathologists, and cosmetic chemists with a common goal of developing and creating a special and unique line of skin care products.

Through very strict quality control and clinical trials, it was possbile to create a vast array of products to treat acne, anti-aging and various other skin related problems. They are focused to deliver only professional products based on many years of knowledge and experience.

J. Prima Laboratories Inc owns more than 300 different trial-proven formulations to satisfy customers with higher standards for all skin types at very competitive prices. Through their private label system, they are even able to deliver custom formulations for personal needs.

They also run a special clinic center in California for the treatment of both acne and anti-aging.
Not only that, their efforts were recognized as the company received an award for excellence by the Aesthetic International Association.

Dr Skin products are also sold and used by some Aesthetic clinics for their patients that undergo plastic surgery for their recovery!!

THL International Trading Ptd Ltd kindly sponsored me the travel sized acne care products for me to review. And boy, was it good. Not only does my skin feel smoother, it smoothes out skin pigmentation, reduces skin redness and reduces pimples AND even lighten acne scars!!!!

Everyone always thought that acne is caused by a generally "heaty" or dirty lifestyle but it is not just that! Acne is a common skin disease that has become part of many people's lives all over the world. The main cause of acne is due to our genes and heridity.
Many claim other factors such as stress, menstrual cycles or unhealthy diet as the main cause. However, further research has demostrated that these factors are not the main cause, but they do aggravated and most certainly worsen then condition.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no known cure for acne.
It is, however, possible to keep it under control through professional treatments and skin care products. Dr. Skin professional skin care products help to keep acne under control while taking care of your skin, leaving it feeling young and healthy.

Brace yourself for...........

a picture of my bad skin taken up close!! (Lousy cameras and blur quality makes a good cover!! Not to forget makeup but yeah.)

Pimples, redness, uneven skin, pigmented skin tone, enlarged pores and blackheads; to name a few. But to comfort myself and every other girl (and guy. This skincare product is for both sexes!! YAY), these are infact a few of the most common skincare problems faced by 12 and even up to 30 year olds!

So now, I'm going to introduce this range of products to you, and teach you how to use them! One week is enough to see results.

Step 1.
Puri Cleanser Scrub.
What it is: A water based exfoliant and scrub wit fine polyethylene beads that help to exfoliate dead skin cells while effectively helping clear acne skin.

Key ingredient
Benzoyl peroxide: The most active and effective as it is the only of it's kind able to penetrate the cells due to its small molecular size. Once in the cell, it will start to clear up blemishes caused by acne. It also treats bumps and rough skin. (Which explains why my skin is so silky smooth after using the product! Literally, LIKE A BABY'S BUTT.)

What it does
1. Unclogs and decongests pores.
2. Helps reduce and kill bacteria that causes acne blemishes.
3. Promotes clear skin.

Usage instructions

Shake well before use and wet the face with lukewarm water. Apply a quarter sized amount of Puri Cleanser Scrub on your fingertips.

Scrub scrub scrub!

Don't forget to get into the smaller parts like the sides of your nose!

Gently massage the entire face in small circular motions for a few minutes.

Rinse well

and pat dry.

Skin feels really clean and smooth straight after. Pores feel clean and face feels fresh and supple.

Step 2.
Puri Tonic Lotion

What it is: A tonic lotion specially formulated to reduce excess sebum and leaving the skin feeling fresh and cool.

Key ingredient
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract: A natural ingredient that promotes healing of damaged and dry skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.
SD Alcohol 40: This alcohol acts as a transport, taking the important ingredients to the surface of the skin where it will evaporate, leaving the ingredients to act on the skin.
Allantoin: Acts as a skin protectant and conditioning agent.

What it does
1. Used to help reduce excess sebum on the skin.
2. Acts as an astrigent to constrict skin tissue, promoting the reduction of oils.

Usage instructions
For use on cleansed skin.

Apply into a cotton ball or cotton pad.

A small amount like this is sufficient for the whole face.

Pat onto skin.

It will take around 2~3 minutes for it to be fully absorbed into the skin.

Skin feels tight and slight tingling sensation felt around area with pimples/acne. I'm not going to lie to you - this is not exactly the best smelling lotion. However, trust me that the results are definitely worth it!

Step 3.
Puri Clean Cream/Gel

What it is:
Puri Clean Cream is cream based product for the treatment of acne, to exfoliate and fight bacteria and is good for mild acne symptoms, only to be used on the face.
Puri Clean Gel is a gel based product for the treament of acne, to exfoliate and fight bacteria and is good for more severe acne, and also for acne on the back and chest.

Key Ingredient
Benzoyl peroxide: One of the most well known ingredients to treat acne. The active ingredient promotes peeling of built up cells and excess sebum within the pores. The oxygen released by BP permits the ingredient to reach deep within the clogged pores while effectively acting as an antibacterial cream/gel and as an antiseptic.

What it does
1. Unclogs and decongests pores.
2. Therapeutic ingredients help reduce and kill bacteria that causes blemishes.
3. Promotes clear skin by reducing and controlling excess sebum.
4. Helps prevent new blemishes.
5.Helps keep the skin firm and tight and also reduces itching and irritation.
6. Promotes brighter skin after the adjustment period.

Usage instructions
For use on cleansed skin. Take a quarter sized amount of Puri Clean Cream and apply it directly, and spread a thin layer onto affect areas (for mine, it's forehead and cheek/nose area)

Wait 15 mintues (for gel its 30minutes) before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Area with the cream feels really smooth and feels slightly tighter as the cream works it's magic ^^.

After rinising, reapply Puri Tonic Lotion

Step 4

Remoisture Cream

What it is: A light and gentle water based moisturizer specially formulated for acne skin. Also helps to balance and replace moisutre on your skin.

Key Ingredient
Glycerin: One of the key functions of glycerin is that it attracts moisture which will help, along with other moisutre friendly ingredients, to treat and calance moisture in your skin.

What it does
1. Helps balance moisture to combat the drying effect of acne products.
2. Keeps the skin surface smooth, supple and soothing.
3. Keeps the skin firm and tight instantly.
4. Protects against pruritic skin and tugging sensations.
5. Promotes antioxidant protection for the moisture barrier, eliminating 80% of free radicals (they cause cancer!) and reduce surface damage.
6. Improves rapid surface cell turnover to help reverse appearance of aging. (So if your skin is prematurely aging and you have acne problems, this will solve your skincare woes!)

Usage instructions
Apply a thin layer of remoisture cream onto previously cleansed skin (all over your face). Massage gently in order to assist absorption.

Slight tingling sensation throughout the skin. May differ from individuals.

Step 5:
Soothing Cream

What it is: A mild and gentle soothing cream that helps to give temporary relief from itching caused by minor skin irritations and inflammations. It also helps to sooth itching from rashes due to eczema, allergies, poison ivy, poison oak, insect bites, seborrheic dermatitis, soaps, cosmetics and jewellery.

Key Ingredient
Burdock Root Extract: It contains astrigent and antibacterial properties. It's soothing effects help reduce most irritations.

What it does
1. Helps reduce redness.
2. Helps reduce burning sensations.
3. Helps reduce swelling and inflammations.
4. Helps reduce itching.

Usage Instructions
Apply a thin layer of the product onto affected area (in the case for skincare, your whole face) and gently pat into skin.
In my opinion, this is the best smelling of all the creams and really has a soothing effect.




Ignore the red patches on my forehead, i have a habit of scratching anything that pops out from my skin ):.

Anyway, see how dewy my skin looks? JEALOUS RIGHT HAHAHA.

Here's the before and after side by side.

On the left, my skin looks oily, my forehead is full of dark, pigmented acne marks. My skin looked dull and tired and redness and pigmentation was such a problem! My blackheads were also a big problem!!

After (on the right), my skintone is overall-y more even, smooth, and my pores have shrunk! (As you can see in picture on the top)
As for my forehead, the bumps have significantly gone down and redness is kept minimal. You can even see how much lighter my acne scars have gotten! Simply amazing!!!!

I also recommend for you to keep your makeup light ( meaning not to pile on concealer,powder and thick makeup or even no makeup) during this period.
Other than lighting adjustments, no photoshop has been done to my skin.

Tempting you to get your hands on this range of products yet?
Or do you have any more enquiries regarding the products? (They also have an anti-aging line!)
Simply contact Cecilia @ 90179026 and mention that you're my (Yijing's) reader and let her know you're interested in the acne care products!! They sometimes do hold seminars to let you know more about the products!!

I can get great skin, and so can you! (:

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