Mormor Shawl

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
23 December:
After bleaching my hair, the colour was really pretty but it got too light and the roots looked really ugly! So, i dyed it this time round so i wouldn't have ugly roots for Christmas!. Tried Liese's bubble hair colour!

Milk Tea Brown!!

Christmas Eve:
Had a countdown/bbq party at B's place this year. Unlike last year's with was spent with B alone, a cosy one with just the two of us watching a movie in his room (and buying oyster omelette before counting down), this year's Christmas had alot more atmosphere! Didn't have alot of pictures cause my phone was in B's room while we were bbq-ing downstairs. Plus, my fingers were dirty hahaha. The highlight of the day for me was of course the gift exchange! The most epic gifts were a CANDY BRA and Kewei's mystery present. Since it was a gift exchange, everyone just put their gifts under the tree and they were all labeled with numbers and we'd just pick the number out of a bag (which in this case was a basket). Kewei's present was a handphone strap with the words "I ♥ KEWEE". Epic core!! As fate had it's way.... the one who got his present was Sylvie (His girlfriend) hahahaha.
I got a cup from the gift exchange and B's mummy gave me a Mormor shawl.

I forgot to take a picture of it (maybe i will when i get home) and this is the only picture i could find online. Mine's in white and the gift box looks really different from what is shown here!

Super cute and versatile (can even be worn as a hoodie!) and even comes with a CD that teaches you how to wear it in the various possibilities! hahaha. I've always seen it around in ActionCity and thought that it felt really soft! I had been thinking about whether or not i should get a more formal outerwear for Kedi's wedding in Jan, and this totally solved my problem! Maybe i could wear it with my black bodycon from Miss Selfridge or my maxi dress from Topshop ^^.

25 Decemeber:
On Christmas day, there's another party held at my family's side and B and I stayed at his house until around 6+ when my cousin came over to fetch us.

With the mormor shawl as a hat/headband thingy hahahahaah

26 Decemeber:
Monthsary dinner with B. Had frog porridge! Major yum!!

My hair colour nice right!

Warning: Filled with camwhore shots of me using the Mormor shawl as a hoodie!
Got such good skin thanks to the Dr Skin products, of course must camwhore hahahah. Stay tuned for the review up reallllll soon!!
Alot of the times when i camwhore alone i hate staring at the lense cause i'll end up looking doe-eyed!!

Heheheheh looking through the pictures makes me in love with my current skin condition over and over again!!

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