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Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Hihi! Sorry for the lack of updates and the spasm of reviews lately. I have another 2 reviews set to be uploaded so stay tuned.

Short update about myself.

Tried Gong Cha for the very first time while job hunting with Ning a couple of weeks back.

Had Earl Grey Milk Tea.

Job hunting was a success and now i am working at Bloom B, Raffles City~.

After reading XX's blog post on "Another way of curling your hair", i tried it out and i found the results to be quite satisfactory. Great for people who want to curl their hair but give their hair a break from heated tools.

Me and my Chun-li buns!

Must camwhore with the Boy while having chun-li buns hahaha.

And here are the results!!

Curling my hair with a heated tool never gave me this result!! I love how my hair looked. Plus, not as much damage to my hair as compared to a heated tool! Also, i've tried curling my hair using this method before but one bun doesn't give an effect like this. Soooo, go try it out! (:

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