Fluffy pink nails

Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Was doing my nails earlier on while the Boy was playing Dota. (Boys, sheesh)

So anyway, since I was going out to shop/on a date with the Boy tomorrow, I wanted to do my nails and hopefully they'd last long enough until Sunday (the reason why Sunday will probably be up on my blog post tomorrow).

I initially wanted to do french tips with my nude pink/purplish OPI (Colour: Get Me To The Taj On Time. Gotta love OPI for having such cuteee names!)


It occurred to me that I didn't have any scotch tape or whatsoever that can help me stencil out a straight line! (!!!!!!!)

So, how?

I went to dig out the nail brush that Ning gave to me eon years ago and drew on it with white nail polish!!

I gotta say I'm pretty satisfied with the results currently.

The picture does no justice to the actual colour itself. IRL it's not so dull, not so grey and definitely a whole lot sweeter. (Sidenote: I'm thinking of saving up for a semi-pro camera. Turns out the Nx10 i wanted was a pro camera?!)

Might be getting accents for it to touch up for Sunday. The only downside is that my right hand's nails are uglier cause my left hand's pretty useless!

Here's a short lil post to fill the space! Updates by Friday! xoxo.

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