Weirdest habits.

Saturday, January 8, 2011
So it's 10minutes to 4am now and I really have this urge to blog. Ikr, most of the time, i only have the inspiration to write (blog) really late at night. That's when my creative juices flows.

Then, i was thinking to myself :

"How come my blogging habits so weird one ah?"

Then i pondered.


And pondered.


And the thing is that what went through my mind was not WHY i had this weird habit, but instead of other weird habits I have.

I had actually intended to blog at around 1am-ish and was sending and editing the pictures with the Boy's laptop, and right now I'm blogging about what weird habits I have. (Seriously, what the hell's wrong with me). However, what that means is that there'll probably be another post up tomorrow.

So, here goes.

#1. Late night blogging.
Late night from 2am onwards. Then the light bulb atop of my head will "Deng!" and light up, then I'll be up to blog.

#2. Excessive over-eating.
I eat all.the.time. I can have meals one hour in between the other and still devour my meal gleefully. (Maybe I DO have worms in my stomach) I can even eat more than the Boy when i want to. Not to mention the late night snacking and the super unhealthy Maggie suppers. Maybe its cause I ALWAYS watch cooking/food shows in the middle of the night.
Boooo Iron Chef America, boooo Jamie Oliver, shame on you.

#3. Knuckle cracking.
I like the sound (and feeling) of cracking one's knuckles. You might think that's a normal habit for some people to a certain extent, BUT i am able to not only crack my knuckles, but my back, wrist and ankle. It's even weirder because I like cracking them so much that I'd go crack the Boy's knuckles. Go figure.

#4. Scab scratching.
Always wondered why i have so many scars/marks on my legs? This explains it. I don't like having the feeling of a scab/bump on skin so whenever I see or feel one, I'd scratch/peel it off. Then it'll bleed then form another scab. The cycle repeats and the results are marks/scars. I got them on my legs cause as a kid i was really prone to mosquito bites. My obsession also leads to me scratching the Boy's scabs hehehe. He'd never cared about them and let them fall out on its own. Well..... not anymore ^^.

#5. Indecisive.
I'm super duper indecisive. Subconsciously even. That's the reason i don't go shopping alone. The poor Boy always has to listen to me (consciously or subconsciously) go "nice anot" "which one nicer" "do i look fat in this" "should i buy this" "which one should i get" "but i think that one nicer leh" "which one you think looks better" "this colour or..?" and the list goes on....

#6. Walking.
When I'm not in a good mood, I'd walk very slowly. Like times when I'm angry/sad with the Boy, I'd slow down significantly and walk behind him. Don't know why either.

#7. Makeup/beauty products junkie.
Even when my outstanding collection of makeup/beauty products is such a huge stash, I can't help it but subconsciously walk into Watsons/OG/Guardian/Makeup or skincare stores and browse and want to get the items. Then then Boy will drag me out of the store or bomb me with questions like "do you really need it" "what about the one you're using" "wait till you use finish the one at home first".
And the killer one is "see you lor" (then weird habit #5 plays in) and he gives me the 'don't buy it, you don't need it' look, and promptly get me out of the store T_T.

#8. Tweezing.
I like tweezing the Boy's moustache cause he doesn't shave on a everyday basis. So when it grows out and i can see it (refer to #4) i'd tweeze 'em! Same goes for pimples, I'd use the tweezer to pop it and then paste an acne patch on it. Hehehehe.

#9. Sleeping.
I always sleep on my side, with one hand under my baby pillow (YES I STILL OWN AND USE MY BABY PILLOW ^^) which is on top of my normal sized pillow. Then one leg over my baby bolster (hahahahhah YES, don't judge me! I still own and use this too!!) and another pillow. The weird part is the fact that i always have to toss and turn before finding a "perfect" sleeping position. When I'm at the Boy's, I have the weirdest tendency to sleep facing the outer rim of the bed. Be it when I'm sleeping on the left or right side. Maybe cause if i faced inside my leg wouldn't get enough space (the leg on the pillow), and it just doesn't feel right.

#10. One angle pictures.
I prefer to take pictures with me standing on the right side (also enables me to hold the camera/phone properly) and the camera at an high angle. I don't think this qualifies exactly as a weird habit since everyone has their "best angle" when taking pictures.

That's all i can think of for now. Don't view me as a freak kthxbye.

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