D.I.Y : Pink bow nails

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Okay so previously you saw the picture of my painted pink fluffy nails, and i mentioned that i'd be getting accents for them for Sunday which is TODAY!!

I walked past a nail store while shopping with the Boy at Far East Plaza the other day, and i picked out pink bow (ribbons have the two 'tails) as accents for my nails. They look uber cute now! Ning says they look almost Hello Kitty-ish!

Here are my nails now with the pink bows!

OPI nail polish bought from a flea.
White nail polish borrowed from Ning.
Nail brush from Ning.
Bow accents ($3.90 for 10 pieces) from FEP.


Its been long since a posted a picture of myself so here you go: my current hair colour and me with false lashes!!
Just bought a new M.A.C pair today for such a steal!!

And remember I said that my nails were done for Sunday? It's actually for Kedi (B's brother) and Angela's wedding! Uber excited!! ^^! xx.

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