Handpainted Bows

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
So previously, I had fluffy clouds pink bow nails. The bows were glued onto the nail and boy were they a mess.
They kept hooking my hair whenever my brushed my fingers through 'em.

Therefore i decided to redo my nails.
Simple hand drawn ribbons this time. I think they look more feminine and delicate as compared to the previous one that looks bolder and cutsier.

I know they aren't perfect, but cut me some slack. I'm not a very artsy person and neither have i learnt how to do nail art. This is an achievement. The only downside of this method is that my right hand will always be cursed with uglier drawings since my left hand is quite retarded... T.T.

Really simple. Just a bow with dot and dashes.

P/s: Will anyone be interested in engaging in my manicure services if i wish to provide? Of course nothing professional like extensions/3d art. Probably just basic shaping and application of polish and maybe designs also. Confirm cheap! If anyone is, drop me a comment or an email ^^.

P/p/s: I have added an additonal section to my blog on the left side bar. The box with the Archives. Now, you can browse by labels. Say, if you only want to read stuffs about Beauty, or only Adverts, they can all be filtered there (:.

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