CNY 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then this post will be worth a novel.

CNY this year was one of the best for me. Spent with fun games, gambling, and of course getting red packets. Not to mention that my time was spent with my dearest boy, hehehe.


Random "fortunes" behind the wet tissue packet.

Reunion dinner @ Ah Yat Abalone.
1&2: Random picture of cutlery.
3: "Yu Sheng" plate without the fish yet.
4: Salmon fish for the "Lo Hei" (Is that what it's called?)
5: Cold plate chicken. Covered in some chili paste thing. Didn't like it.
6: Shark's Fin. Major yums. Giant chunks of sharks fin inside.
7: Mine - Goose Web (feet) with Shitake Mushroom and 1/2 of a 2 headed abalone.
8: B's - Sea Cucumber (hai shen) with Shitake Mushroom and 1/2 of a 2 headed abalone.
9: Some vegetable (forgot what. Xiao bai cai i think?)
10: Crabshell stuffed with crabmeat. Baked/deepfried. Don't like it cause got onions too.
11: Fried rice. LOVE IT. Contains bits of dried scallop too. Initially i was too full to even proceed, but after smelling it i told myself I JUST HAD TO EAT IT. Yes it was that good!
12: I forgot what it's called ToT. (Something hitam?) with ice cream.
13: Mango Pudding.
14: Bird's nest egg tart. OMG SO GOOD!
15: Almond paste. Not good. The $2.50 one near my house (Dessert Hut) tastes WAYYY better.

Imo, last year's dinner @ Ah Yat was MUCH MUCH better.

Family Picture! (:

Day 1.
It's not exactly the same for me anymore since my fraternal grandpa passed on a couple of years ago due to lung cancer. I remember us visiting him every single Sunday without fail, him cooking all our favourite foods for us (including my favorite dao gua), and calling us the day before to ask us what we would like to have for dinner on Sundays. Plus, I never got to introduce B to my dearest grandfather since he past away before I even got to know B (but I'm sure he would have loved B as much as my grandma does now ^^).

I lost the best guy in my life, but also gained another. Fate's really a funny thing huh.

We would use to visit my grandaunt's place in the morning and following that, to my grandpa's to slack the day away. Now, we'd just head home after grandaunt's place. (Except for me, since I have B's place to visit afterward)

What's CNY without some Blackjack aka 21?

Whoever hits the jackpot's gotta drink *points @ picture below* + whatever mixer (sprite/coke/green tea) that's in the cup.

Guess who won the red face contest.

Day 2.
Although my maternal grandfather passed away during this period last year, we all still gathered at his place on CNY day 2 to have our usual tradition of games, Lai Fa uncle's food, and blackjack+lor teng.

This year, there was a new edition to the game : BINGO.
$2 to pay /card and money goes into the pile. First person to win gets the pot.

1: The bingo checker and roller (?) family.
2: Explaining the rules.
3: Game starting.
4: Money in the pile.
5,6,7: Everyone setting up different formations in order to win ahhaah.
8: Big/small! Buy in chips to play with.
9 & 10: Blackjack table. This is 2/3 of the players.

Lai Fa Uncle's spread. The food's always good!!
1: Black pepper crab.
2: Black pepper hei po (crayfish).
3: Abalone and Vegetable stir fry.
4: Sambal Pomfret.
5: Gu Lu Yok (Sweet & Sour pork).
6: Furong Egg.
7: Pig's Trotters.
8. Salted vegetables and beancurd skin.

Headed back to B's for a short party session after that again.

Guess who joined in!!

Day 3.
B's mum had a party at her place and we all went over. Didn't take much pictures over there. But afterward at night, we went back to B's and continued gambling. Look at how much the two boys got.............
Eugene's wallet.

B's wallet.

Both of which can't be closed after all the cash is in there.

Day 4.
Went to visit my ah ma for lunch with her and my aunt's family @ Cantonese Kitchen at Eastpoint.

Possibly the WORST $3xx spent on a meal. The food was mediocre, REALLY, and the service sucked.
1&2: Menu and wet towelette.
3: Claypot tofu.
4: Scallops and broccoli (which reeeeeked of garlic).
5: Coffee pork chops.
6: Yifu noodles (super bland and under-seasoned).
7: Prawn scrambled eggs (EVEN I CAN DO BETTER.)
8: Fried rice. This was perhaps the best thing on the menu)
9: Fried prawns in salted egg yolk. Okok too.

After which, we went to pay respects to my maternal grandfather. After that, we got back home to gamble a little and then had steamboat. This picture was taken while the food was still being prepared. WAS TOO HUNGRY.

1: Abalone Slices.
2: In the midst of preparing.
3: Giant tiger prawns my dad brought from Myanmar.
4: Awesome soup my mummy made : Cabbage and fish maw.

That's my CNY for you, xx.

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